Gaza Cease-Fire: Celebrations in the Streets

Hamas and Israel must agree on the terms to keep the peace after truce is reached.
1:44 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gaza Cease-Fire: Celebrations in the Streets
We begin in the middle east, where you could say they're back from the pribrink. The israelis and palestinians have marched back from their all-out war. Peace brokered by egypt's president and secretary of state hillary clinton appears to be holding. But will it last? Alex marquardt is in gaza city with the latest. Good morning, alex. Reporter: For the first time since israel launched its operation a week ago, there's been no sounds of rockets taking off or landing this morning. For the time being, there's quiet in israel and gaza. Here in gaza, hamas and its supporters are so confident they struck a decisive blow against israel, today has been declared a national holiday. Jubilation in gaza, as the cease-fire was announced. People poured into the streets, waving the green hamas flag. Firing guns in celebration. This morning, workers began to shovel up the debris. Traffic clogged the streets. And stores opened up. Now, they feel it was a war. And a real war. And what pain the palestinians feel when a bomb is coming to kill our children, our people and our house. Reporter: It's a truce that cost around 170 lives. Israeli and palestinian. And on both sides, few think it can last. Cease-fire is the period of time between the wars. And in the middle east, we have to face reality. Reporter: In some respects, getting the fighting to stop was the easy part. Now, the sides have to sit down at the table and agree on the terms to keep the peace between hamas and israel. And without concessions by both sides, this could easily escalate again soon.

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{"id":17785544,"title":"Gaza Cease-Fire: Celebrations in the Streets","duration":"1:44","description":"Hamas and Israel must agree on the terms to keep the peace after truce is reached.","url":"/GMA/video/gaza-cease-fire-celebrations-streets-17785544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}