GM CEO Apologizes to Victims' Families After Recalls

Mary Barra offers condolences as she prepares to take the stand in front of Congress.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for GM CEO Apologizes to Victims' Families After Recalls
now to trouble for general motors, the company issuing another recall. This time on more than a million vehicles. This as the company's new CEO prepares to be questioned on capitol hill this morning over another recall. It's a defect that's linked to at least 13 deaths. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is in Washington for us with the story. Good morning to you, Rebecca. Reporter: Lara, good morning to you. There was an emotional meeting here in Washington, D.C. Last night ahead of those hearings. CEO Mary barra sitting down with the families who lost loved ones in gm crashes, those families telling me there wasn't a dry eye in the room including Mary barra's. Overnight gm's new CEO Mary barra meeting privately with 12 families of crash victims in Washington, D.C. This was the first time she apologized to us which was, you know, very heartfelt and that but on the other hand, you know, we've got such open wounds and sores from, you know, losing loved ones. Reporter: Ken Rymer lost his stepdaughter and randy Rademaker lost his 15-year-old daughter Amy Lynn in this grisly crash in 2006 in a chevy cobalt with a faulty ignition. Said she was sorry and we got a chance to talk to her and tell her about our children. Reporter: Spins barra took over gm recalled.6 million vehicles because their ignition switches could turn off unexpectedly and shutting down power and safety systems including the air bag. Today she will face questions from congress about gm's handling of the recall and why it took more than a decade to issue despite new evidence showing gm and federal regulators knew about potential problems since 2002. And then there's this. iPhone video capturing the horrifying moment this 2015 gmc yukon caught five while this couple was test driving it with their two sons. From seeing the smoke to getting out, it was within a minute. That thing was already on fire when we were walking away. Three similar incidents reported in the same model leading this emto recall nearly 500,000 SUVs Friday. When you account for that 1.3 million car recall that gm made just last night for steering wheel problems, gm so far this year has made over 6 million recalls, that's more than seven times the total number of recalls it did last year, later today Mary barra expected to testify that today's gm will do the right thing, Lara. All right, Rebecca, wow. All eyes on that hearing and the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mary Barra offers condolences as she prepares to take the stand in front of Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23139356","title":"GM CEO Apologizes to Victims' Families After Recalls","url":"/GMA/video/general-motors-ceo-meets-victims-families-23139356"}