Ranbaxy: Generic Lipitor Producer's Plant Shuts Down

FDA is monitoring recall after glass particles were found in bottles of a generic version of Lipitor.
2:01 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ranbaxy: Generic Lipitor Producer's Plant Shuts Down
Now, to the medical headline we told you about. Glass particles found in bottles of generic lipitor. A big plant had to shut down. And the fda is monitoring a major recall of a drug that millions of people depend on each and every day. Jim avila has the very latest. Jim, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, amy. The company that produces one of every three of the generic lipitor pills, ranbaxy, has agreed to stop producing it, because some of the bottles are laced with glass. Overnight, the fda said ranbaxy, the company responsible for making all of those allegedly glass-covered pills. The company has real difficult with quality control. Reporter: The fda saying in a statement, the company would stop production, until it has thoroughly investigated the cause of the glass particulate and remedied the problem. The government says while this is a popular drug, there are other manufacturers and it doesn't expect an immediate shortage. Ranbaxy first issued recalls on november 9th because of glass contamination. According to the government and doctors actually sounds worse than it is medically. This is not truly a threat to people's health. Eating a pill that contains numerous particles of glass a millimeter in size or less, is akin to eating a pill with small bits of sand in it. Reporter: Still, experts say the glass could cause irritation of the digestive system. The brand-name lipitor, costs an average of a little more than a $1 extra a pill. Before generic versions were allowed to be made last year, lipitor sold $600 million worth a year. So far, the fda has not received complaints about sickness from users. The concerns are about quality control. We reached out to ranbaxy but did not get a response.

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{"id":17844916,"title":"Ranbaxy: Generic Lipitor Producer's Plant Shuts Down","duration":"2:01","description":"FDA is monitoring recall after glass particles were found in bottles of a generic version of Lipitor.","url":"/GMA/video/generic-lipitor-alternative-glass-particles-ranbaxy-plant-closed-17844916","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}