Generous Diner Gives $200 Tips

Wait staff in Utah get a huge surprise in a video posted on YouTube.
1:26 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Generous Diner Gives $200 Tips
Got done good samaritan who leaves a gigantic step for a waiter waitress after. Along that. It is unfortunate -- if you know and I sometimes think again if -- really been taking care avenue sort of take care them back almost wanna stick around and. Just see and see how everybody wins -- not really what it's all about exactly but it. Was if you happen to be rolling on the entire thing -- this to find young man decided to leave. 200 dollar tips for their servers. Few diners with cameras rolling. They would engagement now they have been came to know that -- -- -- money can really help somebody on the union and who -- Stewart and Jim Warren you tell. -- how -- good -- because I was do you want us to do. You writings phone -- to -- I hope. I signed Robinson left the scene TC. Mom it's also. Remember was all about being a part of -- pay important but vital -- not wanting to renominate it's great coffee fast so we'll perform. -- -- You know -- let you don't know why didn't -- I think it's great yeah. Yeah. Yeah cinnamon usually do payment.

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{"id":20281442,"title":"Generous Diner Gives $200 Tips","duration":"1:26","description":"Wait staff in Utah get a huge surprise in a video posted on YouTube.","url":"/GMA/video/generous-diner-200-tips-20281442","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}