Clooney Discusses Dual Golden Globe Nods

The Hollywood star is in two films going head to head at the Golden Globes.
6:59 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Clooney Discusses Dual Golden Globe Nods
What a year it's been for George Clooney triple threat actor writer director he's dominating news stands up for all kinds of awards and this Sunday. At the Golden Globes will be Clooney vs -- his two most recent films the ides of march and the descendants head to head in four categories. Including best picture group have -- from here to would you think morning -- in your future yeah I really like the -- the hours. Zealously go straight to go right now. I like literally -- drink your way through -- let's talk about the descendants is such a powerful. Yet movie and in your characters in such an extreme. Situation he's he's -- a pretty good life. In Hawaii within 24 hours finds out his wife's been an accident she's now can recover from and that she's been cheating on yeah that's fun. We even get laughs out of it -- Lisa gotta go why -- issued -- so wasn't so bad. -- -- -- If it's by director name Alexander Payne who's done four films up until then and he's everyone really -- really really great sideways in about Schmidt. A collection of the best political movements ever -- looked -- -- really do -- like. And so this was a job to work with him first and foremost and then. The enemy to screenplay and I thought it was as good as any parent ever your chance to work -- And because there's so many different emotions in play anger and grief and confusion and it comes together want to show a scene. You've just found -- in you have to go -- being confronted by your wife's. Father. KV everything man. Could it be home to beautiful daughters -- -- -- wanted to roll bold she should do own bowl comes would have been familiar it was human driving. Her vote somebody else's vote would have mattered -- -- me for this. Quibble about the details. She was -- faithful devoted wife she to -- more. -- -- -- -- Good -- there yet but -- reports -- good to see him the -- -- business and. So so good and you you have such an amazing cast to deal -- not only Robert -- we -- -- would -- did you have your back in December and so exciting it's their first film and she blew it away. This is going to be there. There's a -- -- there's times when you when you work with someone particularly in the beginning career. We recognize that this is going to be -- a career not just a job. It she's gonna move literally be talking about her twenty years -- -- -- -- her fifteen year old scientist and a twenty year old body pipa she's really. Everything about she's -- adult on the set she was the grown up you know I was there should come over George stop that Saddam. She actually said -- and a lot of people we we had questions to -- on Twitter want to know about this. She said you were a very generous -- certain on the seducing despite year old them. Yes mintier thanks. And it's all right that's not enough oh go -- -- fifty -- its code I know exactly what it is. Yet you know look I have I've had a very lucky and fun career over the years and when you work with people who are young and and love what they do and interest it. It's fun because that's not it is it's it's kind of rare actually -- their units this coalition could end up you know. Smoking crack somewhere she's really get our act together and that's -- Makes it fun work you're joking earlier about the last that there actually are a lot of laughs -- in this movie ownership didn't bring it up right now you gotta tell us about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's see impacts well -- -- -- That's failing in America. They did I -- a Q&A. And the first to Matthew was do you actually run like. Want to tell Israel there but really ticked off by. No I -- that the first time I started running like that and Alexander laughed and I knows that the to have about 3041 times it was a mistake you Hugh -- after that -- he turned you down for sideways right. Yeah I've haven't forgiven him for that yet but he didn't understand my charms at that point. But since convinced convinced him any price to get an Oscar for now let's talk a little bit about -- of march. Leon first in New Hampshire primary care what I loved about is how. You really captured that -- kind of crime he's now. Yet of this early primaries and -- a lot of references we -- including the documentary about the war room in the war room about. You're guys involvement in -- Clinton presidency and it was. Fun to also is that Doug K street -- several months. Libya action on K street Newt Gingrich was in the building next to -- documentary did for HB there was -- its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was fun to be the sort of backstage. And see what what it is that you world doing that those periods of -- it's -- fun it's very different look at. How you elect officials as opposed to just. You seem pretty realistic about the process -- liked it it was fun. It was fun because. It's -- if you -- it humanize -- all of those issues that you you know. There there are my father ran for congress you know and there are gives and takes that you -- tough campaign. William and as a Democrat Kentucky Connecticut that'll -- -- that's good but as of the campaign a fair amount for President Obama last time. Fundraising to duty campaigning because I I'm I'm a big believer I really don't think it helps much to have. Well known famous people campaigning for -- I don't think that that doesn't look good but you fund -- are you following this time around cherry among. I'm a Democrat I'm a believer in -- my -- -- Done. I think he's a wonderful job of these and -- very tough time in the very. Difficult environment and so I root for him -- root for the present United States and before you go -- had a question on FaceBook everybody wants to know. And about the dog. Einstein -- Doug doesn't rescue -- -- He's good we have had for a couple of years I didn't know that he was such chow hound when I got I got him out of you know I put some on line. And fight and and the ladies there is right I -- and I saw on line -- -- it said you know. I like this dogged she said well -- -- you because we're not -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- anybody's lap I said okay. So as they -- over the house that took meatballs and -- the moment -- That's true cat -- -- threw himself but Mike defense site I've never seen -- act like. The problem is now he's still thinks -- the got meatball he. Follow through all of George Clooney's secret this morning here I'm -- -- thanks a -- trying to hide it. -- -- --

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{"id":15328656,"title":"Clooney Discusses Dual Golden Globe Nods","duration":"6:59","description":"The Hollywood star is in two films going head to head at the Golden Globes.","url":"/GMA/video/george-clooney-george-clooney-golden-globes-star-discusses-15328656","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}