Clooney Discusses KONY, Sudan Senate Testimony

Actor, Sentinel Project's John Prendergast discuss violence in Africa.
5:24 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Clooney Discusses KONY, Sudan Senate Testimony
George Clooney we last -- walking the red carpet at the Oscars. But since then he's been on a much more dangerous and secret mission to the apprehension as Sudan and south Sudan torn by violence for so many years. He's -- the senate today along with its partner in the satellite sentinel project John Prendergast and they both join us now thank you both. For coming on this morning guys. -- George Noory on doing great thank you and George you were just being south Sudan and I mean and Sudan. -- and then the newest country in the world and there was some real hope. Is that when he got independence this year it might bring an end of the violence that has -- beverage for so long would it really hasn't. No it hasn't. -- much of the same actors you know there -- three particular Omar Bashir. Macaroni and the defense minister Hussein to evolve and charged with war crimes. For what they accomplished in -- four are now the exact same players who -- Bombing innocent civilians in the Nuba mountains and that then attacked the people an -- so it is it's the same people -- factors continue to do the same kind of violence. And as -- reading in the Paper this morning there also have some new weapons these Chinese rockets -- showing some footage now your mission -- little bit more about what you saw what you're able to do. What we're trying to do was -- we you know we have a sentinel project Digital Globe was nice enough to give us these images and really -- a lot of money and time. To catch these images and we didn't. Lucky enough in in recent time. To actually catch at the -- the dropping bombs on innocent civilians as a hard thing to do with the -- guess is that those images. We wanted to get on the ground to see specifically for ourselves and film for ourselves. What was going on we got a little closer that we thought we were going through you know we got in the middle or rocket attack. And we got to village that was hit few hours before it a lot of and we're actually showing it right now -- -- came upon an unexploded bomb -- right in the middle village. Yes he we sort of walked into it because he was poignant and -- directions that you want to see the unexploded bomb. And I -- physical further away and images pulls -- bush back and there was a bomb in your time well at the bomb. So -- it was it but that wasn't that wasn't the main concern the main concern is that there an awful lot of innocent people. -- -- just being victimized like crazy in the exact same way. That we saw in the lead up. -- -- Right and so much of it is about fighting over the oil and that regions like John tell us a little bit more about how these satellites. -- you both. Can capture movements of troops -- -- you hope before before they strike but also provides evidence in these war crimes trials. What those are exactly the two reason we did it one is deterrence we hope we can prevent some of these terrible human rights crimes. If we have evidence of the massing of attack helicopters. Planes that drop bombs and and troops and artillery that are being moved into position for an attack if we blow the whistle and shine a spotlight on to a place maybe it'll have a -- impact. If it doesn't at least -- capture evidence of what he's. These armies and -- this army and air force and the -- government is doing and we can pass that onto the international criminal court united nations Security Council. And you know there's so much more attention again and we all hope helpful attention on this region. Thanks to that remarkable video that sort of took off all around the world last week and on coney 2012 justice Joseph coney. The head of the Lord's Resistance Army he's -- -- a warlord who's just been abducting children. For twenty years but this 76 million views at least George on YouTube last week -- -- in. The video -- have -- degree -- we want him to be as famous as you or any other celebrity. Let you know that was taken from my comments but when we started this satellite sentinel project about. But morrow this year because -- complain that that he said -- the Bashir. Who's the head of the government in Khartoum said that. How would mr. Clooney like -- if cameras were constantly following him everywhere he goes ahead and said well. You know welcome to my world and I think it should be fair enough that he should enjoy the same amount of celebrities I do. A war criminal so that was signaled that I feel we were in the Sudan and didn't really see any of this going on. I didn't know about it and -- night we landed yesterday got back in the minute we thought fact we're sort of it would all these -- questions I'm very happy they're talking about his. He's he's a war criminal as well but we are sort of surprised by the. -- I think we're all were so surprised by by how quickly took off and you know kind of magnitude all across -- John even working on these issues. Your entire adult career do you think this kind of attention. Really can make a difference. It's very very helpful you know because. The President Obama sent a few about a hundred troops two to the region. Two helped build a strategy to try to captured. Joseph -- and the Lord's Resistance Army. And so you know he needs a little political support an election year so now you have all these young people across the United States were captivated by the idea that the United States can help. The African regional governments and the people on the frontlines. Bring an end of this terrible atrocity me it's amazing what political will can do. You know it's it's incredible and you guys are helping build -- thank you both very much.

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{"id":15918044,"title":"Clooney Discusses KONY, Sudan Senate Testimony","duration":"5:24","description":"Actor, Sentinel Project's John Prendergast discuss violence in Africa.","url":"/GMA/video/george-clooney-interview-discusses-kony-sudan-senate-testimony-15918044","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}