George Huguely Gets Emotional in Court

Star lacrosse player breaks down in tears during murder trial.
4:15 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for George Huguely Gets Emotional in Court
Dramatic and emotional day in the trial of the murder of University of Virginia star lacrosse player Yardley love. Her former boyfriend accused -- George -- doubled over in tears during testimony Friday. In ABC's Mohammad Lila is here with the latest on an explosive first week at the trial good morning to you. Good morning -- and now this courtroom has been packed every single day of this trial the prosecution painting George U -- As a -- and violent ex boyfriend on Friday played a chilling interrogation video taken the Dade police told him Yardley love was found dead. In open court George you really broke down in tears his body shaking as the prosecution played the video of his interrogation. Recording just hours after Yardley love was found dead. In -- he says he only went to her apartment to talk but admits there was a struggle. We wrestled some and then I threw her down on the bed he says she had a bloody nose and tossed her on the bed and left. -- admitted he'd been drinking heavily that night more than a dozen Beers before showing up at her apartment and kicking down her door when she refused to let him in. I was more emotional -- angry he said admitting she told him repeatedly to -- I never did anything that could kill her I refuse to believe that she's dead. -- alien lover both rising across stars at the University of Virginia just weeks away from graduation. Love never mated to that special -- -- 22 year old was found dead in her apartment nearly two years ago her body bloodied and bruised. Do these arrest -- a tight knit campus community leading friends and family devastated. -- these lawyers say love died of a heart attack after taking a prescription drug had a role but a forensic expert testified Friday that was highly unlikely. An autopsy clearly shows love died of trauma to the head. At one point in yesterday's interrogation video the detective -- -- you -- and says George she's dead. -- the blank is she dead he replies the detectives chilling answer because. You killed her. And in that video -- -- -- insist over and over again that he never killed her. Tell us for love's family and friends while they've been showing up to court every day all wearing the same color. As a way to show their solidarity hoping that justice will be served the trial is set to continue on Monday morning. Okay Mohamed thank you now let's get some legal analysis from one of our favorite legal analyst -- -- -- thanks very much for coming and you -- that the breaking down in court does that help or hurt the defendant I think it helps the defendant I mean it was the defendant was crying sobbing in court. -- use the jury is watching the videotape of him as he -- being on the videotape. C -- double sobbing I I think it shows he's human you know I have sat in that courtroom all week and I see no emotion out of him he's big guy he looks. Constantly -- -- Stanley I see him look a lot it Yardley love's mother but I have not seen emotion. Intrastate and you know AA he said you've been sitting in the court all week long it's your sense I believe that the defense has gotten stronger why is that. You know this case many things have been sealed and we have found out so many things since opening statements first of all. The defense is saying that the cause of death was asphyxiation. That after George left. That there are blood spots on her bed that showed that she moved and show that she ended up with her face in her own pillow. And they say that's what cost of that of course blunt force trauma. Is what the official cause of death is -- she was severely. Injured but -- From day one we have heard the Jorge -- -- admitted that he shook her and -- your head against the wall yesterday on the audiotape and videotape. He said she was out of control and hit her own head on the wall. Now is there one witness coming up we think could turn the tide it's called medical evidence. I think it's going to be pivotal in this case because if there was asphyxiation. There should be something that shows that in the autopsy the medical experts are gonna differ prosecution has bears' defense is gonna have there's. And listen to this there's a doctor on that jury there is in ND she is a pediatrician on that jury. It's going to be important in life she will likely be a force in the jury room guest stars great -- -- mind on this case we really appreciate you.

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{"id":15561864,"title":"George Huguely Gets Emotional in Court","duration":"4:15","description":"Star lacrosse player breaks down in tears during murder trial.","url":"/GMA/video/george-huguely-emotional-court-15561864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}