George Huguely Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

The former lacrosse player was found guilty in the death of his ex-girlfriend
2:31 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Huguely Guilty of Second-Degree Murder
Guilty verdict in that emotional UVA lacrosse trial. George -- -- is convicted of second degree murder in the brutal death of his former girlfriend Yardley love also a lacrosse player. ABC's Reno nine and as is in Charlottesville North Carolina with the very latest good morning -- Hi Elizabeth good morning this morning -- to -- in the -- jail awaiting transfer to a state penitentiary. Overnight he was sentenced by jurors to 26 years. For the murder of Yardley love. As Georgie boy's family left the courtroom his cousin the youngest in the group was visibly shaken. A few hours earlier -- love's mother and sister took the stand to help influence a jury's sentencing. Breaking down in tears. Love sister telling jurors the murder was quote the absolute worst thing in the world that could've happened that's a phrase that sums up my life. When asked about the emotional impact of the murder share and love -- Lee's mother sobbed. Sometimes you think you can -- -- and you have been positive she said some days it's unbearable. It never goes away. Her voice almost inaudible as she added every year that goes by and the freedom for getting a little piece about her. Q we listened to head down as his attorneys told jurors he had made mistakes that -- -- at the time of love's death was quote. Immersed in a lifestyle of sports sex and alcohol. Outside the courthouse the defense left the door open for a possible appeal. We are -- Disappointed with the verdict. But we've been proud to represent George. In his fight for fairness over the last couple of years we look forward to. Some corrections. In what happened here tonight prosecutors called the case -- tragedy there are no winners. In this case. There's nothing but lost everywhere. Our hearts go out to the love family they've suffered enormously. Meantime love's mother and sister released a statement saying it is truly devastating to wake up each day and realize that she is no longer here. We will continue to keep her spirit alive by performing works of kindness in her name. I spoke to two jurors as they left the courthouse yesterday they said there wasn't enough evidence to show premeditation. That's why they -- with second degree but they believe the jurors were all well informed. They feel good about their decision and the judge will formalize the sentencing in April.

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{"id":15773259,"title":"George Huguely Guilty of Second-Degree Murder","duration":"2:31","description":"The former lacrosse player was found guilty in the death of his ex-girlfriend","url":"/GMA/video/george-huguely-guilty-degree-murder-15773259","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}