George Huguely's Fate in the Hands of the Jury

The former UVA lacrosse player is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend.
2:31 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for George Huguely's Fate in the Hands of the Jury
The NBA's lacrosse murder trial the fate of George -- accused of beating his 22 year old ex girlfriend to death. Is in the hands of a Virginia jury right now the prosecutor breaking down in tears. As he talked about Yardley love's final moments ABCs between and nine and has -- and -- that's what's good morning good morning to you Robin humanly was charged with first degree. Murder now it's up to jurors to decide his fate they've also been given the options of second degree murder voluntary manslaughter. And involuntary manslaughter. She never had a chance those words spoken by the lead prosecutor breaking down in tears while delivering his closing argument. Reminding jurors of the final moments before garden -- -- died she couldn't screen was in his hand over her mouth. Was -- her face being smashed into the floor the rapid pace of prosecution insisted defended George -- -- killed his ex girlfriend in a drunken rage. This is the case of the woman who went to bed in what should be one of the safest in secure places her home they said. And then he began to was Salter he left her for dead. The defense made their own dramatic closing argument. In a surprise twist calling -- -- client -- stupid drunk and boy athlete but they reiterated he is no cold blooded killer. The defense admitted the young lacrosse star was there that night and that he contributed to -- death. But he had not intended to harm her George played a role but it's overwhelmingly a tragedy they argued he left -- there alive and that's not up for dispute. Defense says his intent was to go and talk with her prosecution says the time. His intent was to do serious bodily harm intended to kill Yardley an intent to rob the -- The prosecution again brought up an email -- we grow to love the week before her -- claiming it shows premeditation. When he discovered love had -- with another man he wrote I should've killed you now it's up to the jury to decide if George to believe ten. To make good on those words hi saw some jurors that I think -- and want to convict him of first degree murder I see other -- that I think. Are gonna want to give him a chance. In the meantime friends and family the 22 year old who died so shockingly nearly two years ago. Wait anxiously for what they hope is justice for Yardley. Hagee is an understatement -- -- there -- really there's nothing to say that can convey how terrible off that is. -- -- faces anywhere from one year to life in prison jury deliberations began Wednesday morning.

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{"id":15750485,"title":"George Huguely's Fate in the Hands of the Jury","duration":"2:31","description":"The former UVA lacrosse player is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/george-huguelys-fate-hands-jury-uva-lacrosse-murder-15750485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}