George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton, Sources Say

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:24 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton, Sources Say
Time now for our big board articulate insider standing by live for more on this morning's top stories Jennifer Ashton she just re here to the table yes Hayley do us. I had to her store she hits in just a moment Barbara star but a political bombshell former president George H. W. Bush number 41. Reportedly overheard by multiple people at an event saying he would vote for Hillary Clinton in November ABC's Jon Karl. Joins us now of course we know about the FaceBook posting and all this big a deal is this John. Well no one sense it's not all that surprising Donald Trump didn't rural lives. Former President Bush's son Jeb Bush during the Republican primaries. Put another sense this is it bombshell because not only is he saying that he is not going to vote for Donald Trump. But he is going to be other all the way to say he won't vote for Hillary Clinton this is. Former Republican president. Who was beaten you remember of course by Bill Clinton in 1992. Saying not only can he not support troll what he's gonna. Vote for the Democrat it's pretty shocking but Madonna even if you don't do that doesn't really sway people who traditionally may revoke Republicans say well he's doing it. I'll do it too. Yeah I don't think there's a huge constituency out there that was waiting to find out how president George H. W. Bush reasonable before deciding how to vote but. What Michael this is the latest in a series of major figures in the Republican primary the Republican Party. Mitt Romney John Kasich Ted Cruz all coming out and saying that there aren't willing to vote for Donald Trump. It's a pretty big step hype. I don't think it's gonna move a lot of votes but he can't help how. That debate on Monday as having you'd get an edge. If that is going to be on that ball believe mobile I'm me seeing that two of them on stage at the same time the stakes as high as they can possibly be. And you know the experts say that this will be the largest televise and may potentially we have ever seen. Super Bowl numbers are saying my mom doesn't. You know can call that guarantee that it up now that much shaming back classic cafeteria workers resigning after she says she was forced to follow school policy. It take away at students hot meal because the child's parents all more than 25 dollars. Yeah unbelievable stuff here's what she had to say. He could say anything I you know I just put that. T so much on this train and he just that's when he just looked in his eyes welled up I'll never forget the little boy I'll never forget his eyes Welling up with tears. What we have educator Ron Clark who's joining us right now and Ron. This with the district superintendent said he said there I've never been there's never been the intent with the adoption of the policy to shame or embarrass a child. But gets so hot in this. Something like this happened first of all. And what would the school's policy the first. First of all regardless of the politics you never won a shameless beauty with a break small part of built up to this is the prices but the policy is that they. If you receive free lunch then you automatically get the hot lunch but if according to financial guidelines your family can afford to pay. And you need to pay and if you can you give the Britain achieve. But the problem is this from the kid in the bears the situation. The parents have not paid their luggage fees and there's seventy to a 100000 dollars all told for the district to the district trying to find a way to get the money. But the put the pressure on the kid and that's wrong never wanna put the kid in the middle which is really popular local. No need for the the kid in the middle of a parent with oxygen Ashton news nutritionists as well I think. You don't we all know are helping meal is vital. Vital to a child the for education. It's extremely important because if kids or even use if you're hungry you'll be cranky. Just ahead on issues discipline problems but when it's so good about themselves when there than they had a help. Now the can focus better just think about where you work if there's good food there if you don't wanna go there. So what we did our school we even have to lunches every day prevalence of eleven analysts at three and other nutritious that healthy our kids are happy they can focus. And that's what he's doing our country for the world's number one economy no one military no one infrastructure. And we can't provide his wonderful lunches at school as a crisis. Now and I never did come on dollars right and so yeah goodness for the legislating and on the stand up like that they think one of the hot meal on the plate and you take what you can't see everything in anyway. Yes absolutely no sense of pain fitness trackers near health researchers at the University of Pittsburgh monitoring over 400 millennial sort trying to lose weight and concluding. Those of wearable devices may not be as effective as you think our rights and I tell us. Here's the lowdown you guys this is where most of the media headlines on the study got it wrong that we are getting it right here they didn't find that the wearable devices. Didn't work. He put it this group wearing a wearable head to head against a group who tracks their fitness routines online and found that he did the same they both improved they both lost weight. So I think the bottom line here is with these wearable if he holds you accountable if it inspires you if it motivates you. We know that if you record what your behaviors are people tend to do better. So again it's very individual but there they do have a place. They motivated me from losses. But to get to the hall and a not like I guess it all other work got to keep what would these guys we're going to adopt an Aston thank you so much rotting John thank you both as well.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42242098","title":"George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton, Sources Say","url":"/GMA/video/george-hw-bush-vote-hillary-clinton-sources-42242098"}