George Lucas, 'Red Tails' Cast Discuss Movie

Director, David Oyelowo, Nate Parker explain making film about Tuskegee Airmen.
7:47 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for George Lucas, 'Red Tails' Cast Discuss Movie
When George Lucas cannot find a film company to bankroll his film red tails a story of the Tuskegee airmen the first black -- -- In the military will George Lucas what did he do he used his own money over ninety million dollars to get this film made. And as even John you it's a passion project for him and it's -- come close to my heart. As well that's -- that it shortly after the war. And in the 1940s he was a Tuskegee airmen I was born in Tuskegee when he went back there to be an instructor and it was a thrill to go to local field. They -- in Tuskegee and fly a plane just -- The -- my dad flew in the war fact I think it was the one he flew. In the war -- so you know I enjoyed talking with director George Lucas and actors David -- yellow neo. And Nate Parker -- attempts. George this has been a true labor of love for you how many years have you been -- to -- -- It's been 23 years since I heard the story from. -- photographer friend of mine. And I said this is fantastic -- the rights from Tuskegee airman. And have been working on a screenplay ever since the primary reason for racing and we was making an inspirational movie -- for young people at well. Our people are given heads up you better have your popcorn early because you are about action George Lucas no this is. This is a true old fashioned popcorn movie just exciting that you. Do last few cries here on the -- your seat the whole time. That's a lot of funds. It's that like it was made during war -- true. -- had a chance they have everybody had a chance to meet some of these. Tuskegee -- Maria absolutely some of the smartest and sharpest eighty plus EO Green mile a minute efforts -- this ridiculous it is absolutely ridiculous. What everyone. The C a little bit. Of the accident in this scene right here you are already in the nets. Of a real dog fight here is -- details. -- Yeah. Yeah. You've got -- the. I they we have what we call the studio Nielsen what -- studio crew based on what should go. Hot hot hot. I'm gobbled up every so I even there at the end that was you and and the Lansing with a lewd acts and going like this I mean you have been another felt a formal. Being in this particular when you look. -- and -- as everybody knows music is is my. My main thing and when -- -- -- wanted to do the acting thing has -- -- wanna do -- that has nothing to do with -- The singer songwriter I want to do something that's completely not mean what -- really getting into an -- learning disorder could at a very basic knowledge of who they where I knew. African -- fighter pilots that was pretty much it because that's really on a teacher and school to ski airman OK so Adolf Hitler. Yeah yeah those humble what I learned about the amazing things that these guys did it at such young ages I was beyond proud. When I. Watched it but that's the first thing I thought George unlike every young person. Black white I don't care who we want every young person needs to see this and we sent you to do screening -- and there -- -- tenth graders who was -- reaction -- -- The cool thing about this movie is that it. It's inspiring it's historic it's it's educational but you'll soon realize that you learn something because you have so much fun watching the -- The ringing endorsement. Nick Saban. They just Alabama should help the number one team of the country -- you. -- things -- after saying. You know we went to see the movie red -- last night which I would recommend anybody. But you know those guys is motto was the last plane the last bullet the last man the last minute we fight quote -- -- -- he quoted an. Movie and said that was the inspiration behind Alabama. Winning. The national championship. -- -- well it's transforming that is the football team leader mean this is the world in 2012 the BCS national championship that's it. You a sense of -- You know when looking at this film is not just old civil rights -- -- this is now. And I tell you David -- really drawn to your character. All they love lightning right. I think that that's -- -- here and you have that. President and you just really inspired. Seattle when I first read the script that's why I was -- -- and suited to bag taxable because he. To me represents fewer deaths the -- -- -- Tell you you can -- you fear nothing from death is not something that you've kind of given too much attention to. We won't put -- all go to like a boot camp did you could -- devils call home shopper patients to go back should not. The boot camp reunion visitors -- -- on -- yeah. A lot of time getting your Hulu it. -- -- do you believe -- there was great joy it's the Rick up producer and -- Samantha rates were very. Incessant. I'm quite rightly so on the fact that we. Conceal what it was like to go -- the kind of training they didn't look deregulation issue that we didn't even want to know. -- I -- I put out known to you let's forget out. Eligibility did -- -- along lake created the camaraderie that was needed -- -- you feel about. And it was I'm it was it was one of those things where about halfway through we say -- -- did it. In the beginning here to -- the snow where intense which in Eastern Europe the where is not so not it's not like -- in the Long Island and then after we shoot we go to McDonald's of the city learned pronk. Why should somebody want to plunk down their hard earned money and washes over what are your hopes for a body. Field we're -- to be wants to be inspired and were westerners sort of boost their life a little bit and do better about themselves and better -- the country. You know the people fought to keep it free. This is the -- for them. And this may be George Lucas -- last. Big picture like discussing he says he's retiring he's looked adorable little been that he made and that I do Indiana Jones and Nstar is found. If he does go -- the -- -- -- who watches -- was wondering how. -- didn't match up to destroy you heard from your dad well you know Sam couldn't establish simmering and it's a very special generation and -- was very. Quiet and very probably didn't tell a lot of stores we had to get it out of him but. So accurate. To what I have seen on film with red tails and the video that this just like the other actors have said this. It's a film about heroes not victims and the stories my daddy said. Match up very well what we're seeing on and how incredible -- coach of the Alabama football team. -- athletes get a it's a quintessentially American story -- that way that is now it's it did it really does transcend the crosses every line maybe in that way and boy did. For Nick Saban to do that. Given -- even coaches in and given what that team did. And hopefully people Obama's talked about she's already gonna go on. Friday when the film opens down to Mississippi -- a lot of students are going. There is a wonderful memorial there and remote field in Tuskegee my birthplace. Enough to drive down interstate you know and so what are some -- that's just -- and and really visit. -- they would appreciates that movie. -- it opens Friday January 20.

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{"id":15385673,"title":"George Lucas, 'Red Tails' Cast Discuss Movie","duration":"7:47","description":"Director, David Oyelowo, Nate Parker explain making film about Tuskegee Airmen.","url":"/GMA/video/george-lucas-red-tails-cast-discuss-movie-15385673","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}