George Zimmerman Accused of Pointing Gun at Girlfriend

The man acquitted in teenager Trayvon Martin's killing was arrested after alleged altercation.
2:36 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Accused of Pointing Gun at Girlfriend
He's behind bars again this morning after he and his girlfriend suddenly called 911, one from inside the house, one from outside. And police revealed their dueling calls. Abc's matt gutman is in sanford, florida, with the latest. Reporter: About 500 days after walking out of this jail on a million-dollar bond, george zimmerman is waking up here in solitary confinement for his own security. Ma'am, what's going on? Reporter: Another 911 call. Another accusation against george zimmerman. He's in my house breaking all my because I asked him to leave. He has his freaking gun, breaking all of my stuff right now. Reporter: Zimmerman, arrested monday, looking vastly different in this mug shot, than the clean-cut 28-year-old booked last year, after his bail was revoked in the trayvon martin case. This time, he faces charges of domestic aggravated assault, domestic battery and criminal mischief. After his current girlfriend said she and zimmerman had an argument and things were turning ugly. You put your gun in my freaking face. Reporter: She told police zimmerman had been packing up his shotgun and an salt rifle when he cocked the shotgun and pointed another at her. She says he then kicked her out of her home. You kidding me? He pushed me out of my house and locked me out. Okay. You're outside now? Yes. Okay. So, he had a shotgun and a.R.15? Yeah. And two handguns. I have my house key. Reporter: By the time sheriff's deputies had arrived, zimmerman had barricaded the door. Here's his 911 call. Officers are upset the. Yeah. They're banging on the door and the window. You're not going to speak with them? I don't have anything to say. They had to push away small furniture i furniture items he had barricading the door. Reporter: He offered no resistance. Put your hands up. Reporter: In cuffs fewer than two months after being acquitted of murdering martin. On your knees. Reporter: There's this dust-up outside his wife's home in september, a pending divorce, and a trio of traffic stops. None of the incidents resulted in criminal charges. Even his attorneys from the trayvon martin trial, deserting him. They won't represent him in this case. He could use them, he goes in front of a judge in a couple of hours. If he does make bail, he'll have to give up all of the weapons. Robin? We'll see what happens, matt. Thank you very much.

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{"id":20933874,"title":"George Zimmerman Accused of Pointing Gun at Girlfriend","duration":"2:36","description":"The man acquitted in teenager Trayvon Martin's killing was arrested after alleged altercation.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-arrested-accused-pointing-gun-girlfriend-20933874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}