George Zimmerman Involved in Domestic Dispute

Man acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin is at the center of a domestic dispute.
3:58 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Involved in Domestic Dispute
Now, to a new brush with the low for george zimmerman, acquitted of killing trayvon martin. His wife, shellie, say that he was threatening her and threatening her father. Matt gutman has the latest from lake mary, florida. Good morning, matt. Reporter: We're trying to find out what the police know. George zimmerman wound up in handcuffs again. They came out with their guns drawn, ballistic shields ready. Once again, george zimmerman finds himself under investigation by police. This time, after his estranged wife called 911. I'm really scared. Reporter: Zimmerman was surrounded by eight tactical units, after an altercation with his wife, shellie, who just filed for divorce. He kept saying, step closer. He's threatening all of us. Step closer and what? And he's going to shoot us. Reporter: Shellie told police the incident began when she and her father went to the lake mary home she shared with george, to pick up her things. He punched my dad in the nose. And took my ipad out of my hands and skid marked it and cut it with a pocket knife. Reporter: Moments later, the police arrived. Preparing for a hostage situation. Dad, get behind the car or something. Reporter: Zimmerman, seen here in the plaid shirt and sunglasses, was questioned by . But later released. We're trying to figure out whose allegations belong to whom. Reporter: The zimmermans are pointing fingers at each other. But shellie declined to press charges. Mark o'meara says shellie has walked back from what she told 911 operators. There may have been pushing and touching. Reporter: Since george zimmerman was acquitted of murder this summer in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, the couple's life has stayed in the headlines. Shellie pleaded guilty to charges of perjury last month. Since july, george has been stopped for speeding twice. But this morning, he could be facing much more than a traffic ticket. Police tell me that zimmerman has given them surveillance tapes from this house. They're going to go through them. Unless they see something extraordinary, their hands are tied because shellie has declined to press charges. Hearing the 911 call, chilling. Absolutely. We're going to turn to dan abrams for more, here. And, dan, as robin mentioned, it was a chilling phone call to hear. This lit the social media world on fire yesterday. But where this stands right now in the investigation, what happens next? It's kind of amazing, right? This is the guy that's been in the most high profile case in a long time. Pulled over twice for speeding. Helps a motorist. And now, in the news again for another incident. This is a guy that needs to stay out of the spotlight in any way, shape or form, if he can. You heard matt gutman say the authorities' hands are tied. That's not true. If they decide they have enough evidence, if they feel that a neighbor or a videotape or something else gives them evidence they need, they could move forward without shellie zimmerman cooperating. They could arrest him still? Absolutely. It happens in domestic violence cases all the time. With that said, it suounds like they don't have enough evidence moving forward. They don't what they need to make them comfortable to move forward. I don't expect that's going to happen. I think we can all agree, best to avoid the spotlight. We're going to look at the

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{"id":20208925,"title":"George Zimmerman Involved in Domestic Dispute","duration":"3:58","description":"Man acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin is at the center of a domestic dispute. ","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-involved-domestic-dispute-20208925","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}