George Zimmerman Jury to Decide His Fate

How long will the jury deliberate in the case against the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin?
4:08 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Jury to Decide His Fate
You -- here this morning. With the six women five of the mothers who are reentering the jury room this morning to decide the fate. Of this man George Zimmermann. And only one minority on the jury it's a case that has transfixed and divided America -- -- murder seventeen year old -- -- -- and or was it self defense ABC's Matt Gutman is in Sanford Florida. Good morning Paula good morning -- that it's -- heavy burden they bear. -- six jurors are expected back here this morning there probably gonna take up a room on the other side of that courthouse now. For the past two weeks they've been listening prohibited from talking about the case -- to each other. Now it's their turn to talk they spent about three and a half hours deliberating yesterday and judging by their First Act as a jury they are taking this responsibility. Very seriously. It was -- first decision as it. Jury is in the form of a request from the jury it -- is certain inventory list. On the evidence my number and description. The controversial case putting their hands. After attorneys for both sides made their last pitch I'm asking you should -- An appeal from prosecutor John Guy for the six jurors five of the mothers. To think with their hearts who's responsible. For the -- Not being -- what has trading on mark to step forward. Sort of put my hand my initial. -- Insisting government's claim of self defense is a -- and his responsibility for the shooting began when he left his car. And followed seventeen year old -- -- Martin. This case is not about standing your ground. It's about staying in your car. Zimmerman to lead defense attorney Marco Mara also and pulling -- -- pulling out this block of cement to show his client. Had to shoot in self defense when -- pounded is headed to the pavement. -- -- And that is not convertible -- Continued tension overnight melting here with the jury -- until morning delaying the verdict. At times it seemed almost too much for Tre -- Martin's parents now determined to see it through. They've started this journey. Over seventeen months ago jurors -- asked him for simply just this -- his uniform being brain. Now everyone here is waiting anxiously am told Zimmerman is huddling with his family. -- -- on Martin's parents also very anxious. But -- they've been telling everybody urging them to state -- now -- spoke with the chief of police he says he does not expect any kind of unrest still. It's cancel all vacations all furloughs it is all hands on deck and his with his police force Dan. These are nervous Arizona Florida -- -- thank you from Warren all of this let's bring in ABC's chief legal affairs anchor and Nightline anchor Dan Abrams Dan good morning when you have these jurors have three options second degree murder manslaughter not. Guilty in your view which of those options and in most likely to choose if these jurors follow the letter of the law and jurors in high profile cases tend to -- letter of the law and then I think they'll find him not guilty. What does that mean it means that -- being have been able to find beyond a reasonable doubt. That it wasn't self defense. At the moment that this happened and people talk about the elements needed for second degree murder and manslaughter in those are all true but the most important legal issue for these jurors his. Have the prosecutors overcome. Proving. Beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self defense in that moment. And I think that most. People -- been watching this case most lawyers in particular. Think -- that's a tough tough burden for the prosecution you think it's possible we could see a verdict as soon as today why so so quickly because -- hasn't been that -- case this is not a case about who dun it we know -- George Zimmerman shot Tre -- mark. The question is how and why. And I think when jurors are determining that issue is not a divide that's not a split it does not one person who is separated from the rest of the jury. I don't think there's any reason why we couldn't have -- verdict late today it's possible this will be a big dance Florida -- thank you very much we'll be coming back to you as the story developed.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"How long will the jury deliberate in the case against the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19656543","title":"George Zimmerman Jury to Decide His Fate","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-jury-decide-fate-19656543"}