Parents Say Zimmerman 'Absolutely Not' a Racist

George Zimmerman's parents talk to Barbara Walters in their first interview after the verdict.
3:46 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for Parents Say Zimmerman 'Absolutely Not' a Racist
barbara walters' exclusive interview with the parents of george zimmerman. We saw the juror there shielding her identity. Zimmerman's parents didn't go that far with you. But they're living in fear, too. They are living in hotels. They've had death threats. What hurts them most are the accusations that they are also racist. I'm just going to ask you straight up, mr. Zimmerman. Is your son, george, a racist? Absolutely not. Reporter: It's the question dividing a nation. Public outcry far and wide. He's never been taught to be a racest. We're not racist. We don't see colors. We're color blind. Reporter: And you, two, are an interracial couple. We're a mixed race couple. George and his wife are a mixed race couple. Reporter: This morning, george zimmerman is a free man. But trapped in a new dark reality. George is in hiding now. Have you been able to talk to him? No. We don't trust anything, not even the phone. Reporter: You think your son has to stay in hiding for a long time? If I was him, I would. Reporter: How long? Possibly the rest of his life. Not in hiding the rest of his life. But there will be people looking for him for a long, long time. Reporter: Are you concerned for your own safety? Yes. Reporter: Can you give me some idea of what some of the threats have been? Everyone in george's dna should be killed. Every kind of horrible thing you can imagine. Reporter: Do you have to live in hiding, do you think? Yes. Reporter: You don't give friends or family your address? No. Reporter: Many claim that justice was unserved, for 17-year-old trayvon martin. What do you say to people who are demanding vengeance, especially some people in the black community? There's nothing I can tell them. But there's something I can do. I can pray for them. Reporter: As parents, what would you say to trayvon martin's parents? As parents, that we are deeply sorry for this tragedy. Deeply sorry. We pray for trayvon martin. To be in a better place. It's always in our prayers. Reporter: What do you want to say to your son? That I love him with all my heart. That I'm sorry that it has to come this way. Painful for the whole family. But the truth will set you free. That's what I've been living and waiting for. The truth will set you free, george. And that's what it did. Barbara, boy, you can see the pain on her face. But a lot of people remarked that george zimmerman throughout the trial didn't show much emotion at all. How did they explain that? We asked about that. And they said, we have taught him to be composed. He shows emotion. But he's not someone who shows emotion publicly. As you see, when they were questioned, they don't show that much emotion. That doesn't mean that they're not in fear. And that doesn't mean that they don't feel things. And is there any idea how george is going to get back to his life and make a living? They don't think he's going to be able to make a living. They can't imagine how he can get a job. They don't have any money. They're living on the money from the defense fund. And that will run out. They don't have any other means of support. Fascinating to watch. Thanks for bringing it to us.

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{"id":19677000,"title":"Parents Say Zimmerman 'Absolutely Not' a Racist","duration":"3:46","description":"George Zimmerman's parents talk to Barbara Walters in their first interview after the verdict.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-parents-interview-2013-parents-zimmerman-absolutely-19677000","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}