George Zimmerman's Wife Not Pressing Charges Against Husband

Shellie Zimmerman claimed George became violent, beat father at Florida home.
2:35 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman's Wife Not Pressing Charges Against Husband
new details on george zimmerman's latest brush with the law. New video has emerged, showing police responding to his estranged wife's domestic violence call. The case could hinge on an ipad. Abc's matt gutman is in lake mary, florida, this morning with the very latest. Matt, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, josh. That's right. Police this morning are trying to retrieve video from shelly have zimmerman's busted ipad. George zimmerman said his wife tried to beat him with it. Regardless, police say that may contain key evidence that can help charge him or her. Get your hands up. Get out of the car. Reporter: This morning, this police dash cam video shows police were not taking any chances. On your knees. Reporter: Demanding to a domestic violence call monday at the florida home the zimmermans had been shares before shellie moved out last month. They ordered george zimmerman to his knees before cuffing him at gun point, then sending a team to the house. Armed and carrying ballistic shields. It all followed this frantic 911 call from shellie zimmerman. I don't know what he's capable of. I'm really, really scared. He punched my dad in the nose. My dad has a mark on his face. Reporter: The 26-year-old filed for divorce last week and had come with her father to retrieve her things, when she claimed george became violent. This morning, abc news obtaining this picture of what shellie says is her father's battered nose. He has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying, step closer. He's just threatening all of us. Step closer and what? He's going to shoot us. Reporter: While police never found a gun. There may have been another weapon involved, shellie's ipad. In this surveillance, zimmerman can be seen destroys the ipad with a knife. George claims she attacked him with it. You're holding an ipad out. And the ipad does this, that's a good indication that it could have been used as a weapon. Reasonable. That's what we're looking for. Reporter: Police say the ipad is a key piece of evidence. But it is in pieces. Now, if charges are brought, robin, we're told they could come as early as today. And police insist it could be either george or shellie who is charged. If it is george zimmerman who is rj chad, he could be slapped with an additional charge of tampering with evidence, for destroying that ipad. Matt, thank you very much.

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{"id":20221875,"title":"George Zimmerman's Wife Not Pressing Charges Against Husband","duration":"2:35","description":"Shellie Zimmerman claimed George became violent, beat father at Florida home. ","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmermans-wife-pressing-charges-husband-20221875","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}