Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Toddler's Hot Car Death

Justin Ross Harris says he accidentally left his son in the car for seven hours on a 90-degree day.
3:43 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Toddler's Hot Car Death
We get to the latest of the Georgia father charged with murder for leaving his toddler in a blistering hot car. This morning, we have new details on the tragic story. ABC's Steve osunsami has the very latest. Reporter: Justin Ross Harris is still insisting to Georgia police that he accidentally left his son, cooper, in his SUV on a 90-degree day for 7 hour, causing the 22-month-old's death, according to search warrants. Police have charged Harris with murder and cruelty to children, saying he told them he researched children dying in hot cars. According to the warrant, he claimed he was fearful this could happen. How do you forget your child? How do you forget your child? If he deliberately forgot his child, may god have mercy on him. May god have merry on him. Reporter: Police say Harris was on his way home from work, when he discovered the child still strapped in the car seat. Witnesses say he pulled into this parking lot in a panic, but his son was already gone. Harris will appear in court Thursday afternoon. Search warrants revealed Sunday, show his wife, liana Harris, told police in the hours after her son's death, that she, too, searched the internet for information on kids and hot cars. Mrs. Harris has not been charged with a crime. There's really no plausible explanation that's come forward at this point, why someone would do such a search. It's devastating evidence to have to overcome. Reporter: Harris' wife spoke out for the first time Saturday at their son's funeral, saying she is not angry. And Harris was and is a wonderful father. Friends and neighbors describe her husband, Justin Ross, as a kind man. But police are also insisting this wasn't simple negligence. For "Good morning America," Steve osunsami, ABC news, Atlanta. We have ABC news chief legal affairs anchor, Dan Abrams, here now with more. This is such a difficult story to grasp. How critical will the internet searches be in the state's case against Justin Harris? I think they've been very important up till now. There's two, key facts that have been troubling the police. Numb we're one is the internet searchs. And the fact they believe he went back to his car inned anile of the day. Both of those suggest to police this wasn't just an accident. But they're going to have to be able to link these two. Remember in the Casey Anthony case, we had a situation where she was searching for things that would seem -- Chloroform. Seem to be incriminating. And she was acquitted, even though there was other circumstantial evidence. The mother in this case, too, so disturbing. According to the search warrant, also researched hot car deaths and how it occurs. Do you anticipate she could be charged in the coming days? That won't be enough just to charge her. Just the fact that she did the searches and the fact her child died in the car won't be enough. They have to link here corredirectly to the child's death. They have to prove in some way, shape or form, she and her husband had colluded to do this. Had made a decision together to do this, something of that sort. But the searches alone look terrible. And that in conjunction that she's been out there supportive of her husband, is making a lot of people look at her and say, wait a second. What? Right. But that's not going to be enough to charge. Do you think Harris will be released on bond this Thursday? He could be. Bond is not intended to punish. At this point in the trial, we're trying to make sure he shows up for court. Now, when you're charged with murder, you can be held without bond. In this case, I wouldn't be surprised if the bond is reduced. We shall see. All eyes on that courtroom Thursday. Dan, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Justin Ross Harris says he accidentally left his son in the car for seven hours on a 90-degree day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24376673","title":"Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Toddler's Hot Car Death","url":"/GMA/video/georgia-father-charged-murder-toddlers-hot-car-death-24376673"}