'Geostorm' star Gerard Butler says film is 'definitely a cautionary tale'

The actor said the premise for the science fiction thriller is a "little bit scary."
3:44 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for 'Geostorm' star Gerard Butler says film is 'definitely a cautionary tale'
He has been in everything from 3 "300" to "P.S., I love you" and now in "Geostorm." Before we talk about it, I want to give you a sneak peek. This is my life's work, max. I know you said it was impossible but we pulled it off and it worked perfectly without fail day after day, year after year, so what did people do with it? Turn it into a gun. Oh, you did? Yes, I was just saying how much I liked the film but you can see it's very tense. The message at the core of this film, the backdrop, if you will is chilling. No pun intended. The whole idea of this severe climate change. Yeah, I mean it's definitely a cautionary tale when it was first written in the near future but you look at this. When you said 2019, I just -- it was depressing and scary. It's a little bit scary but then again, the movie itself is -- it touches on that but that's kind of at the prologue and then it says what would we have to do to get past that? What would be the science behind it? And it's kind of -- that's a goosebump moment when you see all the countries coming together, scientists coming together and building this fascinating and involved technology that allows us to control the environment. Yes. But then where does that take us? Exactly. And you realize -- It takes you on a major thrill ride. It's edge of your seat but also again at its core there's also real family dynamic to this film. Yeah, I know it's kind of -- it's a sci-fi, it's an action movie, it's a whodunit thriller but like you say very emotional family story about a father who is a scientist who is trying to become a good father. He doesn't really know how to do it that well and also to be a brother to his he trained brother kind of flips the cliche of he's the older brother but more like the younger brother thinking he's always going to be helped out by his brother and the two of them have to learn to work together to this race against the clock. To save us. To save you guys. Yes. And do you -- and do you appreciate -- Who else would we want to save us. Chris Helms work, maybe mark Wahlberg. Not only are you terrific in action roles but you got pipes. We've seen it before on screen. I loved hearing when you were asked if you'd want to do -- if you ever would want to go on Broadway your answer surprised me. That you would like to do "Music man". Yeah, yeah. Exactly. The one person who -- ay. That was 100 years ago. No, it's favorite movie of mine and my manager's and we often talk about it because it's an old movie but it's a fresh story and it's so entertaining and heartwarming and the movie -- I actually wouldn't mind doing the movie version of it. At some point, you know. Let's make that happen. Yeah, yeah. Professor Harold hill going into river city. This is a passion for you. Listen, to be honest me singing in "Phantom" was a surprise. I didn't go for it. I was approached. Even my agent said, sick? I don't know, maybe. Hesang in a band but once I had the opportunity I knew I could give everything to it and since then I've always kind of thought somewhere along the line, oh, my god -- there's me. That's when I first interviewed you. Yes, that's right. A million years ago. You can sing, you can act. You're an action star and "Geostorm" is terrific. We thank you so much for being

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{"id":50427737,"title":"'Geostorm' star Gerard Butler says film is 'definitely a cautionary tale'","duration":"3:44","description":"The actor said the premise for the science fiction thriller is a \"little bit scary.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/geostorm-star-gerard-butler-film-cautionary-tale-50427737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}