Gift Cards: Getting the Most Out of Your Buck

Gerri Willis reveals ways to avoid fees, find great deals on holiday gift cards.
2:11 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gift Cards: Getting the Most Out of Your Buck
Gerri Willis from the Fox Business Network was coming in right here we're gonna talk about gift cards this morning counting down to Christmas people spend almost thirty billion dollars. I -- -- that's -- spend this year enjoy here. -- some good advice how to get the most out of them and. The first thing to pay attention is to make sure you get what you pay -- -- fifty dollars for -- delegate -- well. You don't really their service fees their shipping fees they really add up consider that -- for example charges a 395 service state. -- do you get fees for an activity dormant state. At the end of the day which wanted to make sure that you understand those speeds and this year for the first time ever the terms of those cards will be print and on the cards. Bottom line here you get the best deal by buying store carts because they've already locked in their profit when they give you that -- so the store card you're gonna get what you gonna get what's on the card right. Now here's the thing I did enough -- -- -- used to gift card you can actually traded -- yeah yeah yeah so at 25% of us have cards left over from last holiday season right. So what you wanna do is make sure you get the value of that card go to a website like card pool like plastic jungle -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would make sure that you're using the cards you're given. Sometimes mom gives you the Talbots -- -- -- when he used that to be sure you're using the cards again and what's the best way to get a good deal with discount cards. Well if you want to get a discount on the cards. Music redemption points with your visa card with any other -- -- death banking -- sometimes you'll get more money. By redeeming for a gift card than for redeeming for cash. It's one of those little secrets of people don't tell you about Tibet and finally you know this happens to all the time -- -- a gift card and -- go into the story and spent three times. As much you -- uses -- as an excuse to familiar by now you -- and two thirds of the -- the exact same thing you get the fifty card. Fifty dollar card you -- a hundred bucks -- under current dollar -- -- 200 at the end of the day of the companies still weak out there you wanna make sure you're spending wisely. Don't overspend and one citizen what are the other important things you think we need about these. Well look you want to get the right gift card for the right person right so make sure you understand where they shop what they're likely to -- The biggest problems that people just leave the cards and a drawer and he never used them. Looking Gerri Willis thanks very much get a lot more on this from Jerry and I know any Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Gerri Willis reveals ways to avoid fees, find great deals on holiday gift cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15144370","title":"Gift Cards: Getting the Most Out of Your Buck","url":"/GMA/video/gift-cards-buck-15144370"}