Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Gifts for Guys

ESPN the Magazine's Joel Weber has the presents for the man in your life.
4:44 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Gifts for Guys
I'll let. You inside edition we're -- -- right now. Because I could hear the music by now the -- and candy and gift giving survival guide and they're gonna help you got the perfect gift for the guys in your life the salons or running you I don't really gotten bigger yeah. You guys until water is here from our friends over ESPN the magazine. Yes stopper every guy on your left thank you for being here I believe economy. We have gotten some -- to help without Sam you're going to be. Are on Guinea -- so to speak about yeah. You know we need you to -- so let's start at first they're a little skiing feel like you read this all right -- New you know these are called that Oakley air -- Goggles were skiing and snowboarding what makes them so great effect is that the Lindsay is interchangeable so he'd start off on the well that I'm out and I -- so yeah. T-Mobile. OK go ahead until it does on Sunday interchangeable yup I'm Pamela and apparently it's about 400 dollars. It's great because you -- you -- turns out there in Baghdad so we have to go through what they are all right so then we -- -- -- perhaps Gloria mighty Mary Joseph -- like outside all the -- have -- silent on the -- They're still dealing everybody -- yeah. -- over your ears -- -- the the flat sand and other industrial I'm and why -- -- like it's hot so much we've got long outside polyester on the inside listening -- you really really -- matter what you're. And I and you know look like this I mean -- -- -- -- I -- If you want -- do I keep the -- -- certainly isn't the must have -- he absolutely Dr. -- Dr. Dre beats himself. He's really really high end sound coming out of these. And you can go and put those on everybody's where they thought -- yeah yeah. -- -- it's empty bottle. If you look at a few hundred different version you can get -- -- but proponents. Say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't tell tell everybody why Doctor Strange beats underneath that really does stone mountain high enough so good live what's the web that they -- the sound is just so that you don't really -- -- -- and the low -- And this was not -- pinging noise that you get prematurely. Gotten to be the -- of the her son -- think about that hi hi is this what and there are. You will. He likes -- the -- yeah. Later this this mother could. Probably my speech -- This publicly the same technology that tiger used in his first win in two years Latin music tiger's putting technology yeah absolutely -- about it until I got just -- Well hello. Why don't we don't know -- -- In this particular one spread the maps out -- get a more you can putt. So really it's one less excuse if you missed this current deadline. -- -- -- And yeah okay. And then -- -- -- -- Our -- we're better now -- the -- areas is also a big hot ticket item. Phillies win Nike courtroom 200 dollars loose and then we got one more -- -- -- You can think this is after he after oh all night. Josh let's give Josh all right why -- -- let's hear it but beloved. Yeah I finally and this is on this phone -- apparently isn't about to get that keeps on giving interns every little thing you get -- personally -- now in your home I was explaining this just yesterday your boss. The president of ABC news. Who's watching one of these. They're like very proud of and another another low low. It's another low and they basically just little -- -- whatever relaxes a I've got -- -- keep in -- yeah communities. To loosen up then and really stay limber I use one at home Robin does not their crates -- forty dollars. And all those little bombs that you see simulation and I think you just got done. Atlanta sandy really mentioning he used to be a teen model -- Out of there we -- -- in time for you -- god let. Even do that I need to say that clearly I'm in the holiday mood. -- I can't even look at this right now.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"ESPN the Magazine's Joel Weber has the presents for the man in your life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15120637","title":"Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Gifts for Guys","url":"/GMA/video/gift-giving-survival-guide-gifts-guys-15120637"}