Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Presents to Impress

Jane Buckingham of Trendera shows you the hottest gifts this holiday season.
6:18 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Presents to Impress
Holidays are just about upon -- got your back live RJ may get. Giving survival guide this morning. We're looking at gifts for the toughest people on your list that as part of -- gives more than. My fellow anchors Jane -- -- president of trends forecasting company ten -- is here with all the hottest gifts for the books. Who really you know it's it is hard to -- to -- they're hard to buy more actually people getting hurt her by far but yeah my friend are tough -- So we looked around and we have her -- Ron -- with these big guys -- doing their little. Yeah very -- you know what's here now yeah go ahead it's typical weed out at you in the second female -- -- -- and Indianapolis 500 through that. A little hard to -- New -- silly thought what they -- and you're very -- -- -- What is especially cool about it -- put him on the floor when you actually thought he you cannot -- you -- You gonna take that home right now I do -- waiting in the -- It -- your iPod iPhone -- -- -- -- so what does -- start the -- -- and enlighten me. And then. And -- event I don't know -- -- -- didn't report do you. -- yeah I can't bailout that. City of art but that yeah that's the only. Friendly guy is at only 59 dollars and didn't get to that -- now -- -- a lot more actually pay for something like that now we know you can't get around -- -- -- got to get all around town that Humana -- man here thank we got for you what you're very on I'll ask -- why not okay. That's really that's cool and I'll be grinding -- and doing always a little later the exact thing -- and beautiful. And the other. It's still don't yeah. I'm not -- -- walked me along. Okay. Had reviewed and approved a scenario where you everywhere on it. About it is you can -- anything -- -- design can -- 49 yes that's been. -- about real. All right -- now we know you are gamer you mean he's not everybody and then you're glad I can see you might like the retro games a little bit like that won't. It is -- yeah. This one is -- as a clear I had net yeah and only actually sneaking down on a hundred -- -- a lot of the cult classic say you've got sent a yeah. Isn't got you know break out all of those -- classic in Allentown and -- -- -- -- and that's actually only 69 dollars. We gotta go higher -- pretty fancy now I don't know -- here. Let something get done and if you're out about wanting pictures of your kids but kids these days. You don't if he never get to see them because there have been proud of their summer so this is actually a new Polaroid camera seems like -- -- how she didn't let super cool about it and I take a picture you could significantly agent lighting now we're not. -- -- -- Aaron let's give I can take it and -- super cool and this is the is that aren't anything. Good fit again isn't it actually prints. From the camera and I you know -- -- -- you know prince very it is like a modern day polarizing on -- shaky she she can she. She remembered not let you take -- -- and makes it. -- -- -- -- -- That estimate but we've got some pictures from the audience and then it just takes a little a couple of minutes -- could allow you are awaiting an answer you all here. Now 199 but I don't think about it it's it's for a whole thing went up by handing out ask your manager of the keeps on giving exact -- all -- -- to this. -- her right -- friends that. You're my guy and I like flat since born musician and answer to this one happens when you can't find -- because I didn't -- well what I Arum that. So what it says that actually really doesn't think that you didn't eat your movie and you -- and hearings are playing -- bit but that's and then you -- what you minus 39 cents at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They and it -- I'm only 39 dollars. And actually has all but -- the and the positive column to the kitchen and WNY. These -- picture and already. Yeah. Actually met -- -- -- critical political progress pretty -- -- -- act but so for everybody you guys -- the great get for the whole team for the haltingly consistently -- -- -- -- it connects. What I love about this than it normally connect supports and I'm making you guys play if you -- -- get in there so -- -- -- you'll notice Robin who -- in the racing stripes. -- cannot even -- okay but let's pray that next Clinton you know he went seeking. It right around my got -- yeah yeah. No you know there are no good -- -- -- anything you aren't busy late in the game plan than the and I played. -- -- check him out at night and -- -- -- -- game -- the game itself is only about forty dollars -- under 200 dollars payday -- they're really fantastic pick right demonstrated here everybody can play games he can dance looking at anything. Our credit. -- Yeah. Let's wonderful candidates who wait for everybody did nothing that everybody can tonight but most important and are rare and -- wrongdoing and -- -- -- if you -- want to tell people we are donating these wonderful gifts we are donating them. To charity you are what.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Jane Buckingham of Trendera shows you the hottest gifts this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15103562","title":"Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Presents to Impress","url":"/GMA/video/gift-giving-survival-guide-presents-impress-15103562"}