Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Spend or Splurge?

People's Stylewatch style editor Kate Dimmock helps you survive the holidays.
4:36 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Spend or Splurge?
-- can be hard work but not anymore thanks to our new series which kicks off this morning GMA here. Giving survival guide. We searched high and -- to find the best presidents. And now with the help of people style watch style editor Kate -- -- little game called save or splurge and get the prices of some of -- season's hottest gifts. Yeah okay promote cross the wet hair rock band hit hardest -- I know right right so we're gonna get it going here -- about these two well we have two great option this is our jewelry categories that we have. We wanted to make it personal so we have these. These alphabet -- -- -- who was -- unity he gets the first and last initial of your loved one -- we have this adorable. Little pendant little sparkle for the holiday ads those particular option -- K -- audience are beautiful lot of input just a splurge. Which -- is what -- You got. I have this right back with over -- -- -- the necklace is only two dollars and eighty cent great. The you know what the hearings are still to their Melissa doing Manning 25 dollars wouldn't elaborate. Okay. Yeah good job now our next item dealing with food that's always a nice present again perfect right in that we have two options more finality now for the chocolate lover in your life we have this amazing -- sat. But it comes in what looks like -- jewelry. Little added value there. And then for the -- lover in your life -- -- off covenant as is well. At home wine tasting kit -- tests that -- Skipping way. Hello roaring hey yeah but you know you can it's -- different a little different happening here a little -- -- so. People. Okay. The box is a 150 dollars. Without that. Winds easing is only 3499. But you know yeah. -- booty get him. Atlanta yeah -- our world. Yeah yeah. The -- to -- -- -- your back for 12 there -- -- fashion photos my available. I am a lot of -- about these two -- we have this neatly. Fantastically glamorous -- -- beautiful. It's more than just your key association opinion on New Year's -- wildly I think -- -- the Alley but we have these luxurious yearly lines slippers. The moment pastel colors -- -- out okay. Let me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Well this -- -- are indeed the -- in this case they're 98 dollars their friends jock would be and make great gifts. 4995. For that ten at night knowing right funeral and so festive flu -- you now okay and our final category home. And all this is going to be -- yeah yeah this finally -- The hardline this hard we have -- -- that tower which is really. A work of art independent south zone that's of great great can't cry and then for a more classic gift we have. Your your glamorous. -- serious -- -- round that you cannot monitoring I think you're asking -- -- -- I guess this is the final time. Which man is -- -- -- -- Okay. Another accident OK what does that -- I don't write a lot of I'm not -- dollars from -- ends -- Madison but this is also such an amazing gift this moment T tower Italy 23 dollars and eighty cents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah the -- look.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"People's Stylewatch style editor Kate Dimmock helps you survive the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15087260","title":"Gift-Giving Survival Guide: Spend or Splurge?","url":"/GMA/video/gift-giving-survival-guide-spend-splurge-15087260"}