'The Gift' Star Joel Edgerton Talks Summer Thriller

The actor sits down to discuss the psychological thriller that he starred in, wrote and directed.
3:02 | 08/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Gift' Star Joel Edgerton Talks Summer Thriller
At 8:00. You could call Joel Edgerton a triple threat in his latest movie. He recently stopped by to tell us about "The gift," a psychological thriller that he not only stars in but also wrote and directed. Joel plays a loner who inserts himself into the lives of a former high school classmate and his wife played by Jason Bateman and Rebecca hall. It's ser creepy. Take a look. A whole lot has happened to me since we last saw each other. Some good, some bad. Like life. You know, mostly good but I believe that a lot of the good could come from the bad, you know. I hear you. If you put the right faith behind it. You know, not to bring religion into it. God, but well, just to say that the bad things, he can be a gift. Or not. Or not, yes. Joel is with us back here on "Gma." Thanks for being here. Good to see you again. I love a good thriller, a good horror movie. This is so creepy. What's the story all about? It's essentially about a woman really who is at the center of the movie whose husband and her move to California. They run into me. The guy that Jason went to school with 25 years earlier who he didn't necessarily treat so well and there's a history there and doesn't want to admit he wasn't such a great person back then. And he tells certain lies, more lies by emission and her discovery of who her husband is and the resolution good or bad generally pretty bad between these two men on this sort of bad blood that occurred in high school. Now, you, we mentioned, obviously starred in the film. You wrote the film. You directed the film. I mean do you tell yourself cut? How do you do that wearing all three hats? It wasn't the most ideal situation to direct and act. My brother is a director who I really admire and he was on set with me to yell cut. It does feel a bit weird when you're in the scene with somebody and then, you know, you call cut and then you try to give them notes on what to do. It was tricky but I'm really glad I did. You have three more informants coming out including one with Natalie portman and Ewan McGregor, basically a reunion for you from the "Star wars" "Revenge of the sith." We have a clip of the iconic shot from the end of that movie. You holding baby Luke skywalker. I'm in the last shot of the trilogy. That was one of the greatest -- one of the greatest days of my life was my 26th birthday when I found out I got the job in "Star wars" and going to at that T. You're uncle Owen. I'm excited to see the new -- ? You'll be in the theater this December? I'll be there with my plastic lightsaber like a 5-year-old kid. Well, people want to be in the theater for this, fif"the gift." Thanks for having me. "The gift" opens nationwide Friday. You got to check it out and

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"The actor sits down to discuss the psychological thriller that he starred in, wrote and directed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32847945","title":"'The Gift' Star Joel Edgerton Talks Summer Thriller","url":"/GMA/video/gift-star-joel-edgerton-talks-summer-thriller-32847945"}