Take Holiday Gift Wrapping to the Next Level

"GMA" anchors showcase their abilities to turn presents into a work of art.
4:18 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Take Holiday Gift Wrapping to the Next Level
that means it's time for the ultimate gift-wrapping challenge and the skinny mike. Tom, a great resource for finding great solutions. Emily bidwell showing us unique ways to wrap our gifts this holiday. This is all about getting creative with simple ingredients found at home. Try using cloth instead of pain person you can use fabric at home, like scarfs. We found them and thought it would maice bow. That looks lovely. Moving along. The potato. I've been waiting all morning. The big reveal. Make a stamp. Cut a shape, we did a triangle. You can personalize this and make unique hand-made wrapping paper by stamping with this. That's terrific. I see a belt, a wine cork. You can use the tip of a phew pencil or a cork. A little bling. Yeah. So, try using vintage brooches to add the glam. And basically, just sitie it on. It's two gifts in one. I'm in. Speaking of scoring, is everybody ready for the big challenge? We're not cheating over here. We're all, you have all the materials in front of you. At the end of a gift-wrapping challenge, the audience will be judging who has the prettiest wrapped package. 60 seconds on the clock. Best of luck to our beautiful contestants. Let's begin. They're off. Lost the mike. What should we be looking for? Looking for a good tie right now. Let's see. Sam has a lot of glue going. Sam's going back to elementary school. Beautiful. This is looking good. And lara's mother is helping her. Amy has a bus to catch. Sam, what are we doing? I'm wrapping a present. Sam, you're wrapping yourself. Go away, go away. That's lovely. What could possibly go wrong there, champion? I have a plan. I have an idea. I have an idea. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Walk away, walk away, walk away! Hands up, hands up. America, we're going start here are amy, who has a forwest or a garden theme. N no, no, no. You have this. Lara and mom. No, I no, no, no. You were a hindrance. Did you really -- you have to show to it the judges. Audience? Curls. No? No, nothing? They're booing. Wait for the big reveal. Oh! we have a winner. We have a winner. Sam champion. I'm so sick of you, champion.

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{"id":18055082,"title":"Take Holiday Gift Wrapping to the Next Level","duration":"4:18","description":"\"GMA\" anchors showcase their abilities to turn presents into a work of art.","url":"/GMA/video/gift-wrapping-tips-contest-holiday-gift-wrapping-level-18055082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}