Ginger Zee of 'GMA' Joins the Cast of 'Disney Live!'

Mickey and friends give some of Disney's classic tunes a modern twist.
3:01 | 03/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ginger Zee of 'GMA' Joins the Cast of 'Disney Live!'
Apparently, you had a little adventure of late. Bianna was a cowgirl which was very cool. To be with the cast of dis live and dance in front of people. Check it out. They've got at least eight inches this winter has been all about the snow. Snow in minneapolis, snow in kansas city. Snow, snow, still snowing here. And since spring has t its sweet time to arrive. I decided to find an artificial sunshine. Joining friends at madison square garden who were going to teach me to do that. I was going to join the cast of disney live. First stop, wardrobe. I wanted to be arial. We'll start you here. Reporter: The color is huge. That's beautiful on you. Why don't you try this hand band. Reporter: Then it was time to hit the stage and learn from the stare choreographer. This is our awesome stage. Reporter: You're going to teach me everything you need to know. But winding it up and clapping my hands, wasn't quite as easy as it seems. Little bit quicker. Five. Reporter: Next up, bring out the real pros. Hi, everybody. And one last run-through before show time. Here we go. Five, six, seven. Raise the roof. Reporter: Thank you, guys. Good job. Now, we're going to up to wardrobe where I'll put on the final costume. I'm getting a little bit nervous. This is my outfit that I got to put on. And the bloomers. I head back down. Almost time for the show. Just smile big. Reporter: Excitement. Before I knew it, I was on. I'm no pro but not bad rocking out and showing off my moves with mickey and the gang. As soon as it started it seemed it was over. Awesome. Thank you, minnie. Thank you, mickey. That was great! Roses. Those people have traveled the world doing that show. It is very exciting. I want to thank them for being kind. How many hours of rehearsal. One hour. That's it? You used to be a cheerleader? I yeah. Raise the roof. Jazz hands. She got it down. Ginger, I'm continually impressed by you. Coming up -- these guys went

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{"id":18800590,"title":"Ginger Zee of 'GMA' Joins the Cast of 'Disney Live!'","duration":"3:01","description":"Mickey and friends give some of Disney's classic tunes a modern twist.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-gma-joins-cast-disney-live-18800590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}