Ginger Zee: New 'GMA' Meteorologist

The newest member of the team is originally from the Midwest.
4:57 | 11/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ginger Zee: New 'GMA' Meteorologist
This is very exciting day a historic day for us as you've seen you've had a new member -- -- TV meteorologist ginger -- If you're from Chicago you know our Washington covering storms to give you the forecast there for years before that he worked in cities all over the midwest. He has been very busy and get this when most people take a vacation they relax on the beach -- sending -- well she chases storms we've talked about the learn more about -- and so we only -- Talk to your parents to talk to you. You're the first box again -- your boyfriend. More insight into just. Moved in Jersey. She's chased tornadoes in Arkansas went on the ground and up close for Katrina. And found her way into the middle of virtually every midwestern storms this past decade. And while -- passionate about chasing storms is hardly typical. Ginger zee has never really been what -- -- typical aren't. She was very -- quiet. But active very very active and also really -- -- -- almost freaked me out when she was about eighteen months old. She could actually read. But remember that apparently if that is true growing up in west Michigan we have a lot of changes in the weather a lot of severe weather and a whole lot that came over Lake Michigan and that's when I really -- love. With the science of weather and we -- -- huge storms I don't break out I'd be like screaming at the top I like every. Isn't a reason quickly and then I'd want to know exactly why were hiding in basements. It was a genuine fascination for ginger not to say she wasn't well rounded. She played soccer -- -- competitive cheerleaders all of us are fond memories of her. Working really hard and having it pay off for her but her passion. I just love science and math came so easily to me and my -- physics and has fallen by half. The world makes sense and I realized -- She says she never really thought about being on camera but when she was studying her bachelor's of science in meteor out -- college. What -- professor suggested an internship in television. That the one thing she learned about southern culture while she was here was eating barbecue ribs and drinking a soda. And the one thing meteorologist James -- at ABC 3340. In Birmingham Alabama learned. Was that this was no ordinary intern. I think what distinguished. Ginger was the fact that she. Understood the science may be better than anybody else have headed here and number two she had a servants heart she understands -- -- successful. And the television weather business you have to work really bad hours and serve those people that watch him especially when you've got severe weather. The past decade he's been crisscrossing the country covering major weather -- most recently giving Chicago therefore -- So you still got that chance of a shower or thunderstorm not always looking for any opportunity to go into the eye of the storm. -- went storm chasing with the Discovery Channel creek timber. In his passion for meteorologist every second to none she rides and armored vehicle here to dominate air that there's a better person doesn't -- chasing down stories for the murder. Did we mention they ended up dating when -- got a touch of -- it was seriously just about the show I didn't really realize he has kept asking me out and it worked out that way. And ever since it's it's such a common passion between two of us -- never had anybody understand. Why can't be there Thanksgiving it's because he's chasing tornados I just -- their weapons. And now this fearless storm chaser takes her talents. DG MA I hope soon. Bringing America into that slack and I'm hoping to be there to tell their stories. And to educate people as to how powerful mother -- -- -- -- That you have a passion for weather but I didn't -- that it began at such an early age eight years old you and your family or out of Tripoli Michigan what was -- that spark that an -- but we sell water -- I've seen major straight line winds come over that lake and when you're young and you see your community. Blasted by 100 mile per hour winds everything down. -- fall into at least interest and I was a little but I'm most kids like basketball they have it in and they get really passionate about something -- apnea. What you did cheer lead to you're totally. I -- to hide it and it just have to yeah. Kept coming up. Obviously not a professional cheerleader at this point because this. No we you are professional star pitcher chaser and meteorologist and we are delighted to have you cannot say that enough they don't have very much for coming in and you. You're you're stuck with us now. I'm home your own hero and -- I don't know -- real deal the real deal.

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{"id":14939234,"title":"Ginger Zee: New 'GMA' Meteorologist","duration":"4:57","description":"The newest member of the team is originally from the Midwest. ","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-gma-meteorologist-newest-member-of-team-good-morning-america-entertainment-14939234","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}