Ginger Zee Goes Ice Boating

"GMA's" daredevil weather anchor tries her hand at the extreme sport.
0:54 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Goes Ice Boating
-- -- -- -- You've -- up that mountain Friday that head that I have a tornado. Yeah normal army unit and I don't usually Wear a helmet at the helmet is back. That's. I think is that Herman Moore you know for skiing in the past but this year -- -- from my job. -- here at ABC appears to be far from over last time -- I went sailing above the earth as Dan mentioned as a parent lighter. This week's challenge sailing on thin ice when he spent -- -- you're chasing tornadoes it's hard to turn down an offer from your producers to go -- -- -- -- They fly on ice -- today aren't nice bonus between him I think athletes who compete across the globe they -- high. Only god it. Did agree to. And here I'm minutes off in Minnesota I'm going to join these -- fly. What could go -- I've gone water broken ribs as a little girl. Like let's be frank about it he runs in -- Traveling freeways and -- This will be my -- It's like a sailboat -- ice and your feet. And this is John -- Ranked fourth in the world -- even give me a crash course in how not to cracks. And asked hey now first the base -- The hard part get a lift -- that. Knowing they're compete you lift head off. It hit the south and finally the uniform. With a temperature below freezing it can feel like -- people -- there. -- I have to cover up every last inch of me. Talent supposed to work you've done with -- globe. Catch the wind then -- and -- Now it's my turn. I don't. -- -- I need. Only after getting -- Like finally paying off. This certainly isn't the hyper speed I was hoping for. Turns out it takes practice to get to those high speeds. Do you -- -- -- -- the guys offered me a ride. This is one of the fastest boats out here. -- start in what you guys call at the suicides they can use in the suicide C. -- -- -- We -- meet -- com. We picked up speed -- I definitely back ice -- in the face and com. Take turns. In the opening night before it just would be. Next time for another super fast -- And another super fast track. I'd like to thank the Minnesota ice but it association for having us it was such a hugely great time that last both the east side of the two ton. Beast of a ball and it was made. In the late twenties -- -- history to until very fascinating sports.

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{"id":15892835,"title":"Ginger Zee Goes Ice Boating","duration":"0:54","description":"\"GMA's\" daredevil weather anchor tries her hand at the extreme sport. ","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-ice-boating-15892835","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}