Ginger Zee Prepares for Big Wedding Day

ABC News' meteorologist shares sneak peek of her wedding gown.
2:56 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Prepares for Big Wedding Day
There is nothing but bright sky as head for this woman. Our ginger zee, she is getting married as you know, we're counting down the big day Saturday and we're going to count down with a sneak peek at that all-important gown and wait. It's got to be the shoes. It's got to be the shoes. Take a look. For years we watched our ginger make quite the fashion statement. In parka, slickers and lots of boots but for her big day she vowed to put away the weather gear and embrace her feminine side. Chasing storms and tornadoes so it's nice to have her feel beautiful. Ginger let us tag along on her gown fitting the Kleinfeld, home to thousands of the hottest and most sumptuous designs. No, we're not allowed to show you all of ginger's dress. She's saving that for the big day but you can see from the reactions of her friends. Ah! Wow. Beautiful. I love it. The gown is something special. The dress is romantic. Sexy, feminine, like sunshine/rainy day. Here's what we can tell you about the dress. It's lace, I'll give you that much. And the gown is right on trend for the season. Boasting a plunging back. The idea here is that maybe there's more coverage on the front, maybe she even has some sleeves but the thing to highlight these days is the back. To complete the look is ginger's proudest accessory, her custom design shoes working closely with indicate Friedman founder of a design company design your pedestal she had one made for the ceremony. I found this svintage tornado brooch. A specked pair made for the reception. We did a cloud design on the shoe. When she stands with her feet together you can see a rainbow arching. More and more brides are spending lots of time and money selecting and designing statement shoes for their big day. The shoes are rocking at weddings, one of the easiest places to personalize. I know people say you don't see the shoes but you totally do. They're very important. Our gvm bride is ready to rock some very happy wedding feet. So you get a little sweet and a little storm? Just like me. Who knew it was about the shoes. I mean, just the detail there. Detail. This is my favorite. I'm definitely for of a storm chaser. I don't chase sunshine. Having the tornado and walking across in wedges will be so nice because we're in grass and the beach. I like the rainbows here as well. We should say your fiance Ben has been told not to watch this week so he's not seeing any of this, correct. He said it's till going to be a surprise. Only saw that tiny glimpse. I don't even want him to see that. Wednesday is your last day. That great question. Ho you do you feel. I feel -- people ask him are you scared and people ask me if I'm excited. That's a Denver thing. We are both excited so that's how it is. We'll have fun with you until you leave. Good. Looking forward to it. Ginger zee, ladies and

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{"id":23954741,"title":"Ginger Zee Prepares for Big Wedding Day","duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News' meteorologist shares sneak peek of her wedding gown.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-prepares-big-wedding-day-23954741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}