Gingerbread Houses: Jaw-Dropping Designs

Amazing submissions to a gingerbread house competition combine baking with art.
1:50 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gingerbread Houses: Jaw-Dropping Designs
It is another holiday edition can I just first welcome -- -- -- them with us from the grove park and resort and spot. Right but it's a holiday tradition here that we show you some of these incredible. Gingerbread houses from the national gingerbread house competition at the grove park and and -- resort and Asheville, North Carolina. Now they have about 250 houses thank you just -- them out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not to order that the houses this year in the competition and they brought a few of them here I want to get right into the zoom in here because this stuff is so incredible you can't even believe that it was. Edible so daddy tell me a little bit about this -- because this is the winner this is Michael blow up new Kingston. The point where -- drying possible -- Great minds on the -- you're really doing something here. No -- credible and -- flowers are made of gum paste -- just slowly spin this gum paste in their campaign and right can see the flowers at the front absolutely. They're just the precision -- -- -- -- incredible as it now this one Heather Lewis from a still does say that right Georgia Georgian democracy and barbecues are a grand prize winner last year right candidate you'll notice a lot of the outside panels are Vanilla and chocolate -- and music in Q how do you make around -- -- -- a globe -- -- -- does that happen hemisphere -- But you make it low and slow and low and slow and then this is another use of -- on the top there -- -- get to this well against chewing on a cookie but please don't. Please don't chew on this cookie but this is take a look inside here there is a bathtub with towels and a bubble bath there's a jump -- -- to jump -- made out of the -- -- And OK I just wish I had time to show you all of these will put these pictures up -- -- -- -- -- have pictures and put him up on my FaceBook and also on the on the Twitter.

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{"id":15220787,"title":"Gingerbread Houses: Jaw-Dropping Designs","duration":"1:50","description":"Amazing submissions to a gingerbread house competition combine baking with art.","url":"/GMA/video/gingerbread-houses-jaw-dropping-designs-15220787","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}