Has Gingrich Shed His Baggage?

ABC News poll suggests GOP voters not concerned about Gingrich's marital history
2:45 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Has Gingrich Shed His Baggage?
ABC's political contributor Matthew -- better -- many Iowa Caucuses and ask -- this is this poll really does shows such -- For Newt Gingrich right now even know what we're perceived as his negatives are gonna put up there right now his position on immigration. In the caucus doesn't appear to be cutting here with -- 15% seen as a negative three marriages only 16%. The voters an hour right now think he's their guy. He had me noose in a better position than anybody else in the sort of the -- -- -- primary he has got all the attributes that. The other people like Michelle Bachmann Rick Perry. And Herman Cain had pieces up he has -- -- -- -- electability now. He has stands by your beliefs he is handling the economy. And so he's got the whole package the question. Is there's four weeks left to the caucus is if he loses that momentum along the way through the Christmas holidays this is very troubling news. George to Mitt Romney who had this air of inevitability it's now been popped this poll is shown that is gone. We could be headed for entirely long process in this. But this is ought to make the folks at the Romney headquarters a good bit nervous so what do they do right now I think they've been banking on the idea that -- would somehow self destruct. The better he did that Natalie -- to directly take him on especially that debate we have Saturday night. Well -- heck is Newt as as much baggage. As a Macy's stores luggage department so they're good they know that he's got a lot of stuff out there they can't wait for the media to sort of do that and decide that for them that's why they have had surrogates out there attacking you that's -- Mitt actually Mitt Romney himself has been attacking him. They can't leave it to somebody else now that we are in a period. -- unless they make it stick in the next seven to ten days before this Christmas holiday we're gonna go into this blank space before the caucus. They have to get it done in the next seven to ten days. Our news gonna run away with Iowa and -- may end up finishing third in Iowa which is a bad situation to go into New Hampshire -- -- he needs to win fairly big. As he moves through through Iowa and as you point out that that the Republican -- resigned to prevent a knockout blow. This year designed to really stretch out the process and Romney still has the money still has the organization. It all works for Romney in those in with those resources if Mitt. Doesn't put together a series of victories I can see I mean if Newt doesn't put together a series because I can see if -- wins Iowa. And then he comes relatively -- he doesn't win New Hampshire and then he goes to the South Carolina. He wins South Carolina and then you have Florida and Nevada if -- through the end through by the end of January the beginning of February has won three or four of those races. It's going to be very tough to stop them even with a great organization -- -- thanks very much as we said coming up Saturday to the next big Republican debate. Diane sir and I will moderate from Des Moines, Iowa -- across the ABC network at 9 eastern six that's constantly for that George.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"ABC News poll suggests GOP voters not concerned about Gingrich's marital history","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094112","title":"Has Gingrich Shed His Baggage?","url":"/GMA/video/gingrich-shed-baggage-15094112"}