Giordano Interview Fallout: What Happens Next?

Last person believed to see Robyn Gardner alive is now free from Aruban jail.
3:11 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Giordano Interview Fallout: What Happens Next?
Gary Giordano his appearance here touched off a firestorm of debate and as we said Robyn Gardner's boyfriend. Is standing by with his emotional take the first ABC's -- -- hearing has more on the energy and the fall. -- good morning George well we counted all the times it during that interview Gary Giordano mention the name Robyn Gardner just once and he didn't happen to couldn't clear up any of the mystery involved in this story interview didn't. Tell us very much more than we -- from the four. Faced with tough questions -- -- -- Gary Giordano seemed to -- They want to know. If you had anything to do absolutely not absolutely not in my mind filler similar -- I mean if you're earlier this resolution that I cared about OK and companionship you're telling -- you were you. That -- you know have since disappeared on my watch. That's bad it will weigh heavily on me for a very long time. Which -- Robbins pointed questions and in our exclusive GMA interview -- the first time major Donald -- instead with a lay out a new theory of how Robyn Gardner may have gone missing. The roommate has two main sources of income and it's not. Tourism it's cocaine and human trafficking and where we work it takes a half hour drive a vote to -- Venezuela. And right where we were -- find out that's really drop off -- -- just swim to shore but overnight prosecutors called those claims laughable. Ager -- -- implying garter may have been the victim of human trafficking of art in. Insisted the very story Giordano. Has been telling investigators. -- -- -- more months. I want where -- -- -- about -- will be in court about change our point of view committed to being assessed but in this case. That hasn't changed due it would be to do with what because of vehicle to. Your -- appearance made news in -- and back here -- the US for his first interview was splashed across cable news. Internet media get in our exclusive interview. Instead of answering questions and he -- to generate our new ones -- happened August 2 that day with. Robyn Gardner. I've answered that question. 5060 times. I'm not prepared to at this point go from that moment of that day today and today I'm -- I'm just not gonna do that. We have body language expert -- driver go through the interviews it frame by frame. I gotta stop. Already before we even Begin -- exit door but he is rolling his lips in a break here before we even -- says they're working very hear his -- keeping his mouth shots. Body language detection is widely accepted and used in law enforcement. But Mike the polygraphed it's not admissible in court. More an art -- assigns -- people -- Flyers try to convince an all he's doing right here is scary is creating a smoke -- to convince us they're trying to convince us. That he has somehow the victim here. She reports of those pulled in lips his smiling while talking about Gardner's disappearance. As telltale signs of possible deception but nerves may also have played a role after -- had just spent four months in en route from northern prison. And had been live on television for the very first time.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Last person believed to see Robyn Gardner alive is now free from Aruban jail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15071929","title":"Giordano Interview Fallout: What Happens Next?","url":"/GMA/video/giordano-interview-fallout-15071929"}