Giordano Interview: Gardner's Boyfriend Reacts

Richard Forester explains why he's skeptical of Gary Giordano's claims.
4:53 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Giordano Interview: Gardner's Boyfriend Reacts
Are joined now by Robyn Gardner's boyfriend Richard Forester and -- I gotta say first of -- and his have been rough several months. For you I watch you watching that interview you were all coiled -- wouldn't you think. When you watch -- you're -- for the first time yesterday he's really the last person I wanna see on camera. United I think I speak for everybody in that that nobody really wants to see hammer here a lot of them would like here's some detail in this story now we did we do. Actually -- voice but we do when -- story but he doesn't seem to be too. Fourth forthcoming in with the story just based on what I saw yesterday what did you make of what he was saying exactly he hit his argument was basically listen didn't seem exercise on -- surveillance tape because -- -- there there was no dish out -- he said. He and called for the insurance claim on the advice of -- turn. -- was a whole lot of things that he said that -- -- got a lot of questions about. Yesterday you know he also talked about he's given his side of the story 5060 times. -- -- again you know give to us one more time -- the people who here in the country in the world know what happens what's the big question you wanting to. -- -- -- -- where she you know you're last when this year where we're Chico. You know did she. You know did she actually drowned and if so can can you prove that she went snorkeling I for a fact no no we're very well and everybody does no no she's not gonna go into the water. Whether it's her. Her hair -- her makeup getting messed up whether it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon. That doesn't matter she she's just not gonna -- that he did say something yesterday that caught the eyes of prosecutors as we saw it in its peace in the past he talked about her. Getting lost -- yesterday he raised the prospect of some kind of human gene -- here. Absolutely. Beyonce it's something I've been thinking about the entire time since -- one. -- think it's possible I think it's very possible I think it's very possible but I think if possible you know I wonder if what his involvement was a that would mean you've probably nothing to do that correct I'm not no that's not saying you know I'm wondering what is involved in this. You know there's a whole underworld on the I don't know what he knows about a -- I don't know of any of the evidence -- tells -- the evidence I just hear what's reported such as something that I've been looking into look. Here's the deal. Venezuela is sixty miles off the coast -- -- isn't far away here. Short boat ride. There's no sign of her at all no clue -- no Trace of her whatsoever that we know about. I can imagine take more than thirty minutes it to get somebody to Venezuela so from 415 after -- -- six and it. In the evening there's an hour 45 minutes where he comes back. Finally tell somebody at 6 o'clock or so -- little after six she's missing -- sound the alarm and then he's got. You know I don't know maybe not a couple hours where they actually -- some units sold her. It's an optional much I think it's an option is to look at. I mean there have any evidence -- -- do I have that it at a -- the -- and during the investigating and majesty land -- I -- my evidence I can't you know if somebody wants to talking about it she would have come up with unhappiness -- what what is it in your research it tells you that my coupons line I just know. That it's pretty. That happens in that part of the world happens all over the world I know it's pretty big in that world and you know he did mention that. Human trafficking is part of a -- revenue and he is right he's right. I don't know how if it gets covered up I don't know I know that there's somebody in jail right now and KI a -- where he was there. Whose. Being brought up on charges are interesting that you that give anything specific that you would get to investigators and follow up on that pretty explosive suggestion want -- a lot of -- -- Actually mention this to the FBI before I mention it to talk this time before. I'm and you know what I'm told is we follow where the evidence leads us and I get that understand that so any bit of information I -- I -- right along to. You even would afford that fewer -- you think there's anything to be done in Maryland anything in the United States you know -- I don't know and I get with the media reports. -- US authorities don't tell me much -- anything for that matter you know they if something's gonna come up it's usually I hear from from the media. I did read a couple -- -- that there was a grand jury that met in Maryland I don't know if that's was true or not but. I'd be curious to see from what I understand if a grand jury -- is -- is going to be some sort of indictment but again I don't know models -- will be used to relieve. They carry your your -- who was involved in Robin's disappearance had committed a crime. I believe that he being the last person to see hear and what they're is responsible and in. He -- even showing remorse. You know he liked what Matt said he -- wants you know it and then on Friday he's trying to get out there I mean if if it's me. I'm not going anywhere getting out of our founders the last thing from my mind I'm staying I'm staying there with her mom I'm waiting for her problems -- coming outstanding and I'm I'm not -- -- going anywhere. Until we know something. -- bishop -- thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Richard Forester explains why he's skeptical of Gary Giordano's claims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15071975","title":"Giordano Interview: Gardner's Boyfriend Reacts","url":"/GMA/video/giordano-interview-gardners-boyfriend-reacts-15071975"}