Girl Fights Off Walmart Abductor

Security cameras catch a man trying to grab a second grader.
2:46 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Girl Fights Off Walmart Abductor
-- next week. Every parent -- access to watch and he's got that right George -- it is a big act of bravery from the little girl all caught on surveillance camera. A seven year old left alone -- just a moment mother was just a couple of aisles over and Wal-Mart and she was almost abducted. ABC -- Denise joins us live from Atlanta this morning and you heard what George said parents are going to be watching this with great interest -- Absolutely -- the video is stunning a little girl fighting a grown man allegedly trying to kidnap her but she scared him off. And save herself. It happens so fast. You can see the man grabbed seven year old Brittany Baxter trying to carry her out of the Wal-Mart toy -- -- -- panel ruled. It was just about 24 hours ago when Britney out sick from school was shopping with her mom who stepped way to grab some fruit. Leaving her daughter to play in the toy -- that's what store cameras captured this man snatching Britney but the second grader -- -- -- Paris train and kicking channeled their way he plays where his hand and honor. And then with her hanging he is not me -- when it explode -- now. As the suspect left the store surveillance cameras captured him getting into his car police put out an alert and within an hour they made an arrest. Police arrested 25 year old Thomas woods who was recently released from state prison. Out on parole from manslaughter. If your -- -- it was never clear the Baxter's are shaken. Let's faithful student mayor -- on this front I think movers. You know wait until skin Denton. Now I cannot I'll never available let her out of -- and for a second. And this brave seven year old has some good advice for what to do what a stranger approaches. -- little -- them straight. -- carrying locate it had hired him. He won't blow then it's thorough check. Some very wise words there from Britney now -- -- woods is being held without bond. He faces attempted kidnapping among other charges Wal-Mart tells us they are very glad that -- surveillance cameras helped to capture. The suspect and their half with a little Brittany is safe Robin when he -- she has little. Father daughter dance -- she's going to real soon. That's right -- and on Friday is the daddy daughter fancier she was out sick with strep throat with with a solid. Another context and think that she was sick and fighting off and that would be attacker but they've got that daddy doubted -- on Friday and they say it has special meaning. On Friday the -- that is going to be. -- -- -- -- RI -- thanks very much and so -- that they were able to make an arrest like that so quickly.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Security cameras catch a man trying to grab a second grader.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15545656","title":"Girl Fights Off Walmart Abductor","url":"/GMA/video/girl-fights-off-abductor-walmart-15545656"}