Girl, 3, Has Pica, Eats Lightbulbs, Wood, Rocks

Natalie Hayhurst nearly died after eating a bulb out of her bedroom night light.
3:00 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Girl, 3, Has Pica, Eats Lightbulbs, Wood, Rocks
We are taking a close look this morning -- a disturbing and potentially dangerous eating disorder that affects more than 10% of young American children. It's called pica a condition where the kids crave inedible objects like cardboard in the last. Mean she's entertaining is here with the story of one little girl who nearly died from. Now while George Little Natalie -- first the girl who we met actually ate a light ball out of the night light in her bedroom. And she pretty much -- anything she can get her hands on. It's a disorder called -- that -- people craving everything from toilet Paper to couch cushions. Mentally -- Hurst looks like your average adorable three year old ex she's plays that make up hey yeah. Love Justin Bieber. And playing with their Big Brother on their farm outside her home in the -- Yeah. But when it comes to food well Cheerios aren't exactly the most popular item on the menu and pitching -- -- NASA's deep power since we've been here we've -- -- eating. But -- fox the cardboard yet trendy Atlanta -- else does Natalie like to eat. While and when I first noticed it was a problem not something that she was. That is typical was -- and she actually hadn't eaten my vinyl -- that -- -- heavier sliding door she took two bites out of them. Natalie suffers from a rare condition called pica mother Colleen says she has a never ending compulsion to eat things that aren't food. Can you show me something you want to pick up something that you might -- I think. You eat a twig and made a breath and -- do you ever. -- first flight and would. And Paper products cardboard. Actually change is ands and rocks dirt -- she's had a bite out of a Coke Diet Coke can. She's. Eaten the little magnet shower curtain plastic bottles toy is -- Any parent knows it's hard enough watching a three year old but China watching one who wants to eat everything in sight you can't take your -- enough. Her 'cause if you do she knows that. And that she'll try to eat something when -- -- not looking do you fear that not only could die from us and yes thank you if sheets says the wrong thing. You worry Natalie was rushed to the emergency room after eating a light -- She moved her entertainment senator and -- the light -- out. Denial I -- I was doing dishes at night she's in bed and I assume she was asleep. And then she'd eaten all -- glasses and I was pretty much almost hysterical. Doctors performs. When Colleen took Natalie to her pediatrician for a check up and explain what was going on. Doctor -- Della crews knew this was something that went beyond typical toddler behavior. When she mentioned that she makes eating -- broken glass and worried that. Then I said you know this it's probably no longer we -- normal. And so paid -- -- preferring very few any development Kyle became the most fashion it's. While -- is more common in young children over 10% of kids aged one to six are believed to have some form of the disorder. Adults are not immune -- Edwards consumes -- like their candy. Just gone through seven so -- in the past 21 years of her story was -- -- on the TLC reality show -- strange addiction. People eat everything from shock to household cleaners. No marquis shut -- toilet Paper she's been addicted to to -- since the sex trade. Policy role with -- who fly I can proudly. Take down half -- world Monday. That scary. With me -- -- Paris. -- is the Latin word for mag high a bird that -- anything. And doctors say these and usual cravings can be triggered by lack of certain nutrients like iron or zinc. Some just craved the texture of the material in their -- -- Natalie who has a healthy appetite for normal food. It's believed to be psychological. Well in addition to working with the therapist -- -- cravings throwing her spray. At home her -- -- time with this hour strike which -- satisfy her constant need to put things in her mouth. And Natalie -- on biting sticks. She also has with the family calls her -- box full of -- -- that stimulate her senses Colleen is now reaching out to help other moms and their children going through the same difficult experience. She struggles. Cope with every day very sad. There's nights I've cried myself to sleep feeling helpless and my kids on my world and I care about helping other people. -- in the same boat as me. -- is one symptom -- can be a symptom of optimism but Natalie has not been tested for that disorder yet she does suffer from insomnia and ADHD. As she gets older she understands more and more that what she's doing is wrong but she can't help herself in and we. -- hiding and trying to hide things it's always so hard for such a little girl now that's a very serious form. This condition the most kids just outgrow it. Most kids do and the number is really high of how many kids have -- and it it is confusing because my one and a half year old puts. Everything in her mouth still -- -- So you're not like to my child have -- -- well probably not and yes the hope -- is that most. Children will outgrow it and you know I remember my older one stop putting things in -- -- by -- so. Maybe that's pretty early history of injuries and thanks very much.

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{"id":14752510,"title":"Girl, 3, Has Pica, Eats Lightbulbs, Wood, Rocks","duration":"3:00","description":"Natalie Hayhurst nearly died after eating a bulb out of her bedroom night light.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-pica-eats-lightbulbs-wood-rocks-14752510","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}