Girl Poses for Supermodel Karlie Kloss' Paparazzi Stakeout

Paula Faris has the latest in the "GMA" Pop News midday buzz.
2:25 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girl Poses for Supermodel Karlie Kloss' Paparazzi Stakeout
And good afternoon everyone I'm Oliveira said here at the top -- stories at a -- Right now coming in at number of -- Yet didn't think that -- either but apparently this -- does checker at the door for the paparazzi at New York City. The all out love that part of -- -- there for her that it supermodel Carly -- right behind here. But hey -- -- her very last minute off at the end there. At number three at -- Adams has revealed -- surprised to hear rumors that link below it was intimidated by her. On the senate -- girl speaking to Allure Magazine -- that that she was in fact. It all other Lindsey who -- they were experienced actress in the film was shot ten years ago. Today both girls held their own ads green treated movie that was like felt facts I detect recovered -- where pigs are -- us. It's not happening and coveted -- numbered -- queen -- at the reigning over it to grab this week -- -- This incredible -- today -- American hero. Rosie the perimeter the -- recreating the famous propaganda poster a lot with me -- shortly. Inspired by an earlier visit to the World War II museum in New Orleans where. She posted this photo that she also hear this adorable pick up her -- JP they keep their baby girl Blue Ivy. And -- day out all the way. Diplomats. An act number -- and trendy right now on FaceBook marvel fans -- -- -- -- over the news that. Lucy Lawless is joining the cast that -- -- shield yes. All you nineties fans know her as I -- you of course allow it won't actually be of as being warrior princess but. -- -- hoping that he will be bringing them -- but speaking live that they hit superheroes. You can -- diver went feat that few of -- -- -- that shields. Returns this September and candidate DNA from more hot news tomorrow for ABC news. I'm -- here -- -- happy that statement --

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{"id":24668395,"title":"Girl Poses for Supermodel Karlie Kloss' Paparazzi Stakeout ","duration":"2:25","description":"Paula Faris has the latest in the \"GMA\" Pop News midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-poses-supermodel-karlie-kloss-paparazzi-stakeout-24668395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}