Girl Scouts Fight to Keep Sales Tax Exemption

One Idaho troop vows to keep taxes out of the price of their popular cookies.
2:17 | 04/07/13

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Transcript for Girl Scouts Fight to Keep Sales Tax Exemption
country praying for the warren family. We'll switch gears now. Money, lobbying and raw politics. Don't normally come to mind when you think of cute, innocent girl scouts. Unless you're in idaho where the scouts are still fighting to get a tax exempt for their cook yeast. Abc's linzie janis has the story. Reporter: Girl scouts are more than just delicious, they're an opportunity for youngsters to learn confidence, goal setting and management. I learned about politics,ette ix, about our world and what's in it. Reporter: Be this morning, troops across idaho are handing over a cut of their cookie sales to the state. To help get more girls involved in girl scouts. Reporter: They slap a 22-cent tax on girl scouts, bringing in $150,000 tax revenue a year. The mother of one scout is a lobbyist, she encouraged them to go straight to the source. The girl scouts in idaho had been interested in trying to remove the tax. Reporter: Flooding the capital, turning on the charm for politicians and even splooig them with thin mints and notes. The issue is, how many exemptions do we get. We have been under a lot of pressure to reduce the exemptions. Reporter: Now the girl scouts will have to wait another year to challenge the law. But they're playing the long game. We're going to keep on going until we get this law passed. The nationwide group sold $185 million in cook yeast last year, establishing the third biggest cookiemaker in america during their season from january to april and that, guys, is serious business. They're doing pretty well. I like how one 9-year-old said that she's not giving up. You need patience and perseverance. What began as march madness, now comes down to this, louisville and michigan going

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{"id":18900038,"title":"Girl Scouts Fight to Keep Sales Tax Exemption","duration":"2:17","description":"One Idaho troop vows to keep taxes out of the price of their popular cookies.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-scouts-fight-sales-tax-exemption-18900038","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}