Girl Scouts Give Away Year Supply of Free Cookies

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend kicks off this Friday with 2 new flavors.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Girl Scouts Give Away Year Supply of Free Cookies
Our -- go lakers up here today Sydney -- the union -- from good morning from the great girl scouts of greater New York we hear from very good reason. This weekend kicks off financial -- -- cooking weekend kicks off Friday we're counting down in the big -- with a very special announcement this morning. And here's some more -- coming -- as well get them brand new. Brand new -- This year this material -- the jokes about -- cranberry citrus Crist and the first gluten free cooking and yes where are introducing our new. Limited edition gluten free cookies. And it's gonna be really exciting because there's a lot of people in the market that really -- gluten free yeah. And I'm really excited about this chocolate chip short president your favorites like so many yes -- statements unaware of their great frozen so. -- -- -- -- Way to sell it and -- visit this that it wouldn't be giving away the Girl Scouts are actually giving away a whole year's worth. Free cookies and you can find out how to enter the contest to win them by going to our let's say good morning America's dot com. -- -- -- Tom I have to listen all I'll actually list the I think that -- -- It's as great cookie because and they have a lot of different being included in them -- -- -- -- yeah well I I'm hoping that exactly and six. More -- solemn. And quiet and add enjoyment and output could not. Many have a good free afterwards thank you -- between about a one year.

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{"id":22373306,"title":"Girl Scouts Give Away Year Supply of Free Cookies","duration":"3:00","description":"National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend kicks off this Friday with 2 new flavors.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-scouts-give-year-supply-free-cookies-22373306","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}