Girl Scouts of the USA Celebrates 100 Years

ABC's Katie Couric examines what's in store for the future of the Girls Scouts.
7:00 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Girl Scouts of the USA Celebrates 100 Years
Like Katie I was a girl scout growing up found that he gave me a foundation the courage the confidence the character. To try to realize my dreams and girl -- -- -- they will celebrate its month anniversary of selling those qualities. In millions of girls like the little ones that we have behind us right now it -- organization. It has grown up in this of rising and meeting new challenges and -- Katie Couric. You girl scout Ryan was a girl -- after -- yeah I want to -- -- we see the gag out at you know both of us spoke at the annual convention last November in Houston and talk about girl power on steroids influence on I even wore vintage. Girl scout uniform for my little tot run now with a lot of fun but. Much of the discussion at that convention was about a brand new initiative for -- funny twelve. Called the year of the girl and that -- get -- -- air campaign today right here in New York that campaign kicks off the next stage Girl Scouts is about a lot more than selling cookies. It's about turning girls into Smart cookies who mean business. Okay. Century ago the first girls down when -- can't and they still do today all the rules may have changed let's money is still part of the program. And back then Vermont Girl Scouts an adolescent it's been cleaned yeah. Today they're learning how to clean and oil spill -- -- have fought very nice let's see a show of hands how many if you while enjoy working on -- science projects. Area Montgomery area I do enjoy and is well. Why. It teaches you -- hasn't slowed the problems in real life. Says -- -- -- you believe this -- should be the end it paid attention and like. Especially mean and science and engineering unit it's called stand science technology engineering and math. And it's a cornerstone -- faced girl -- agenda. Environmental work archeology. One truth even in Bennett house -- hands -- three year old born without fingers. So imagine if a girl can do that that young age. What other girls continue if we can just -- those resources on the Maria Chavez a daughter of Mexican immigrants. -- the first Latina to -- the Girl Scouts. Job number one scouting for new -- enrollment dropped nearly -- Percent in the last decade. But she's also confronting an even bigger challenge -- Girl Scouts can create the women leaders of tomorrow. -- the Girl Scouts did -- really. Promote girls and to push them forward I think Girl Scouts for the last hundred years -- -- any great job of filling the pipeline -- girl leaders and women leaders. In fact more than half of all female astronauts -- Girl Scouts so -- 80% of all women executives. Of the seventeen women who served in the US senate and eleven took the girl scout pledge and still there's a major leadership gap. There's a saying if you can't see you can't be -- and just 3%. At CEOs in this country are women only 17%. Of congress female if I was a child a young girl growing up in Mississippi or Alabama -- Arizona. And I wanted to be an astrophysicist. -- if I want it to be the president of the university. How many role models look like me out there -- -- patrols. And so she's fortifying another cornerstone of the Girl Scouts diversity. In 1956 Martin Luther King Jr. called the organization. A force for desegregation. Now Chavez wants to expand the ranks by reaching out to more black and Latino girl. And we can. -- another generation of -- Sitting on the sidelines we need them teen teen -- in -- leadership discussion in this country. I hope so where am I wanna be a -- a sign that I'm hoping to become -- obstetrician. Pitching for the girls at parkway northwest high school in Philadelphia and scouting is more than a life lesson. It's a life line. -- -- -- -- -- -- And why he -- being a part of this organization because. I feel like I'm a partisan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel some if you guys are getting a little emotional talking about Girl Scouts -- -- -- -- Not OK tell me why you're getting emotional and he's just -- Soviet Union and people who. They -- the other. -- -- the girl's basket and you are real cents a family. Not ideas and never hit. Can't that it is done that I wanted to do is look that I wanted to stay in this -- -- this whole needs to be strong and helped -- -- -- who -- BM and appreciate it. Obviously you can see how important stallion is -- of these young. Girls you know and the I asked them about that suddenly was like water works through the crowd. And I think some of them may come from family situations that are less than perfect and this really gets them a sense of family a sense of community and of belonging and it's really is really touching to see back its. -- -- touched by two yeah we all work. You're the girl that is the campaign it was motivated because this is eye popping survey dealing with -- -- it's a really wide reaching survey. I think it probably thousands of girls that the -- scouts conducted Robin and they found some interesting findings they realize that confidants. And debt interest in leadership positions. Begins to fail actually in middle school it starts to decline. So that's why this is so important to encourage girls to take on leadership position. Just 21% of the -- say they think what they have what it takes to leave only 15 and I know -- girls feel differently and 40% say they feel like there. Made fun up or put down when they try to take on leadership position so this is really. A critically important initiative for girls all across the country and not just for Girl Scouts. And all around the world that's right it really -- and I know that you -- some photos that you outlined everything that I -- an advantage -- -- a -- Houston. Allah god 1968. -- joke please check headed jazzed it up with the machines are glad I don't got up when I was in fourth grade and a girl scout I was a junior girl scout Paul. Okay. It is very bad at my dad I can't remember why money he was taking this photo but I almost burst into tears as you could tell and that does not reflect. My feelings about the earlier scattered I love being a girl -- a -- did and we love you rob. These troops 3441. Here with -- and their leaders as well that's right leaders in training right girls yeah. That's wonderful thank you Katie your mother Ramona.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"ABC's Katie Couric examines what's in store for the future of the Girls Scouts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15478651","title":"Girl Scouts of the USA Celebrates 100 Years","url":"/GMA/video/girl-scouts-usa-celebrates-100-years-15478651"}