Steve Wynn Wins $20 Million Judgment Against Joe Francis

Casino Mogul Steve Wynn won his defamation suit against Francis.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Wynn Wins $20 Million Judgment Against Joe Francis
We're going to turn to the verdict in the courtroom clash between two las vegas titans. A jury monday slammed "girls gone wild" creator joe francis, for a $20 million fine, for claiming publicly that the casino mogul, steve wynn, was trying to have him killed. Linsey davis is here. Reporter: These two have been in and out of court duking it out for years. It started with francis not wanting to pay a $2 million gamble debt. That $2 million has now become a $20 million judgment against him. 10 million. 3 million. Reporter: The verdict read like a ringing bell at the end of a heavyweight fight. Steve wynn, the vegas billionaire, known for his gambling empire, has emerged from the latest round, not only victorious, but $20 million richer, after duking it out in a defamation lawsuit against "girls gone wild" creator, joe francis. Francis told jurors, wynn made a death threat against him in an e-mail. A message seen by quincy jones. Wynn sued francis, saying it was false. And that the 39-year-old was ruining his reputation. I have to say, joe francis, the most reprehensible character, in my 70 years of living. Reporter: But francis stuck by his story. Even repeating the accusation in an exclusive interview with abc news late last month. They said that he was going to hit me in the back of the head with a shovel and bury me in the desert. Reporter: But that story unraveled in court. Did you ever see an e-mail from anyone that said steve wynn will kill joe francis? No. Reporter: Late monday, jurors sided with wynn, awarding him $20 million. 11 million of that based just on the abc news interview. The jury calling it slander. Francis is reportedly worth $150 million. On top of the $20 million verdict from monday, the jury could still decide to hit francis with punitive damages. That could be an additional $60 million. Costing him more than half of his entire net worth. This is "encore." Reporter: For team wine that's worth an estimated $2.5 billion, who says he will take the money from francis but won't keep it. Any money I get in this case, is going to go to the abused women charity and wounded warriors. Reporter: Francis says he expects the verdict to be overturned on appeal. He says the judge made two errors. One of which, was to allow the new claim of slander, based on the "gma" interview that francis did after the trial started. The jury will return to court to see if they awill award punitive damages. But francis saying it isn't over yet. Saving it for the courtroom. Now, let's go to josh, a

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Casino Mogul Steve Wynn won his defamation suit against Francis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17207546","title":"Steve Wynn Wins $20 Million Judgment Against Joe Francis","url":"/GMA/video/girls-wild-creator-joe-francis-fined-20-million-17207546"}