Give Kids the World Village Gets Makeover

Ty Pennington and "GMA" helped renovate the Memory Makers Building for the charitable organization.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Give Kids the World Village Gets Makeover
Disney world team have done. Josh, take it away. ♪ This is going to be -- Mega-makeover week comes to a fitting close. Give kids the world village, a place where kids facing life-threatening illnesses can come and with their families be kids for a week but where they were coming to been around for about a quarter century. It was in need of a little help. Yeah. So we found a very familiar face to give it a little redo. Take a look. ♪ after nearly 25 years of helping families, give kids the world village was in need of a face-lift. And we wanted to help. Some thank you letters from families which are remarkable. Our target, this building, the very first place people come when they visit the village. What really makes it tick is we have 15,000 active volunteers. 15,000 active volunteers. 15,000. Reporter: For help we turned to old friends, Ty Pennington and his team. He got the lay of the land with give kids the world president Pamela and together they formulated a plan. All of this would be volunteer space. Reporter: And then the fun began. Much more than a mere face-lift. It took 600 hours for design alone. They began demolition just over a month ago. 50 12,000 man-hours worked so far. Just in the nick of time. I'm just glad they saved me something. To be able to make the room work but give it impact when you walk in. Reporter: Before our very eyes, a transformation. All right. Definitely going to be some good memories here. Here we go. All right, so first a little housekeeping here. We want to thank for redoing the memory makers building, gaf, a roughing company that put the new roof, west elm, all the furnish ouring and Wyndham for renovating the villas where the families stay, this is Pamela landworth, the CEO, it's been killing her not to go inside her own building. Thank you. I am, though, going to see the floor, Ty, I think you can take it from here. I know you're ready. I'm ready. Please, please. Are you guys ready? All: Yes! Okay. All right. You guys know what to say, right. Say it with me, here we go, first of all, good morning, America. All: Good morning, America. Here we go. All: Move that bus. Come on. Let's go. ♪ ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life nea♪ This is amazing. Mickey is here to greet you. Oh, Mickey. Mickey. I love you, Mickey. Oh. All right. So this is what really -- come on in, Ty. Oh, my gosh. The mural is beautiful, but you got to get really up close to see exactly what you did. What did you do? So now these are the 400 -- so the 400 photographs of the families and the kids that have been here along with the volunteers and the people at Disney we all got together so that image of a father with two kids is literally a mural of hundreds of photos of all the families and volunteers put into the computer and came together like that and see in the background the stars where wishes really do come true. Where wishes come true this is -- What do you think? I -- this is beyond my wildest expectations. Okay. You know, really, Disney was a founding partner of ours 28 years ago and have been with us every step of the way but we wouldn't be standing here right now if it weren't for Tom stags, the chairman of Disney parks and all the amazing cast members who help us day in and day out and this is a culmination of so many things. Thank you. This is -- Want to say hi little more. Please. I've been waiting so long. ♪ this is amazing. So this is our friend. Hello. Emeril. Thank you. Emeril, what do we have here and Ty. I have to tell you, Ty had a beautiful idea. What is that. His idea was to let the volunteers see the fruits of their labors and so these montages are letters that kids about their visit here and what a place of celebration. A lot of love on this wall. They pour out their hearts. I don't know what we'd do without our volunteers. Look at this letter but more importantly could you read that line for me please. Lauren has been in and out of remission for many years now. We have always known there was no cure for her disease and the one thing we learned interest that trip to Florida is to cherish every moment. To try to make life mean something and to have hope no matter what. Hope no matter what. That's what it's all about. It's hope and I think that's the most precious gift you can give and that's what Disney helped give all these children, over 127,000. That's what our volunteers helped give all these children and it makes a difference in their lives that it's -- it's just amazing. You know, interesting, when I was Reading these letters, they're all about people struggling to find the words to say thank you. They had something that we hope we've been able to do today. We want to thank all of the volunteers. Absolutely. Who contributed. Want to thank you, Ty, for everything you and your team did. Emeril, it's a place where ice cream is served all day. Ice cream for breakfast. A special, special thank you to you. Thank you. Thank you. Really, enjoy it. To learn a whole lot more about give kids the world village log on We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ty Pennington and \"GMA\" helped renovate the Memory Makers Building for the charitable organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21650879","title":"Give Kids the World Village Gets Makeover","url":"/GMA/video/give-kids-world-village-home-makeover-21650879"}