Giving Bank Robbers Creative Names

How do robbery suspects get their trademark nicknames?
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giving Bank Robbers Creative Names
Yeah noticed that when we cover stories about bank robbers of suspects always had interesting sometimes very creative name again analysts -- my favorites the balding bandit in the mid life crisis mended and -- this when I love this sweaty back to vanish. Turns out there is one guy behind all of this creativity and we met up. Almost every day the FBI police and banks -- class during another grainy surveillance picture and a catchy nickname all over billboards wanted posters and TV screen in the wig out bandit these so called -- bed at fourteen per man they call the trick or treat Banda. Turns out though that nicknames like that bucket list bandit argues catchy they can also be -- an act. Actually catching the -- again. The people will take notice some times like well that's a funny name why would you call a bank robbery that not all of a sudden someone says. -- that looks like my neighbor. In Southern California this so called bank robbery capital of the world. Christening crooks is an important responsibility. And 95% of it calls on this guy's shoulders. Special agent Steve may of the Los Angeles FBI office. Get full trust me there in August ABC David Wright spoke today while he was hot on the trail of the so called plain Jane bandit. December -- -- we noticed. Is average -- thing is that uncommon. It's more in common councilman Robert -- or -- -- -- has. So what's in a name according to may can be any number of things. Some get name for the way they dress like the dapper bandit and his snappy suits or the -- bandit -- is obvious visual handicap. Others come from witness accounts like the irreconcilable differences bandit who blamed his crime spree on a messy divorce. When he got busted. It's not exactly give his nickname a stellar review. And one presuming -- that was the name hated it goes those horrible saw his kindness pointed. I also -- -- this -- back bandit who didn't like his name needed to get shockingly offended -- a -- of the -- that guy doesn't get writer's block a -- to benefit the.

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{"id":17578541,"title":"Giving Bank Robbers Creative Names","duration":"3:00","description":"How do robbery suspects get their trademark nicknames?","url":"/GMA/video/giving-bank-robbers-creative-names-17578541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}