Glenn Close Dishes on Best Actress Oscar Nod

"Albert Nobbs" star discusses playing a lonely woman in 19th century Ireland.
5:27 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Glenn Close Dishes on Best Actress Oscar Nod
Outside you know we have a very special guests and everybody's pressed up against the window like that we are counting down. To the Academy Awards Oscars Sunday is February 26 right here -- a -- joining us this morning. -- wonderful Glenn Close nominated for best actress for her brilliant role. As the title character and Albert -- a story about a lonely woman living as a man in nineteenth century. Ireland it is wonderful to have you back here -- revealing that -- you I enjoyed it thoroughly and I watched it last night. It is so emotionally caught me off guard how emotional I became in this -- a passion project for you listening. -- it was yes I did it I didn't -- long time ago off Broadway in the thinking in my career and never something about the character about religious fascinated me. Think that -- I think -- her her combination of kind of brave belief and -- men and that also as far as an act yes I was fascinated by. What would it be like to be invisible from things and then and then try to come out of that. You know what what what are those dynamics what does that psychology. This was a time for you to do -- -- thirty years ago you could not probably have brought it to the big screen. As she did I don't -- done I think -- films -- -- -- credit -- but I didn't even have come out when I did -- so I didn't really know the language of film. And all the challenges of Albert I think. Benefited by -- Do you civics and that's I think it ended -- its. I'm conventional character. Very dependent neither unconventional man in many ways I want my little bit of a clip so people can have a better understanding and here you are as -- And the kind of passing out -- Some -- made that -- where you're himself. I was wondering restored to -- camp to come up for -- -- -- -- I'm off duty at three tomorrow and if you're not -- Case. No I am. I -- to gauge his -- -- for. And you -- to -- camera here. Plan. People are again looking you think that what. Looking at youth of looking at a -- -- a year even your make -- team they are nominated for an Academy Award. Ford is so thrilling because their challenge was to transform Janet -- care and and -- with the least possible makeup. To make us look believable in those roles and that's masterful. Grouping of finance of the art of special moment. It is -- -- I was watching it over and over again and there's also this is set in nineteenth century. Ireland. But there's something about how it's still relatable today because I read that you said another -- and it's true many of us. Hide behind something. We have some -- all -- I think we all of -- by simply arrange our faces every day and we're dealing with issues that is that most people have no clue about. I also think there -- a lot of people in this world who feel invisible and powerless. And and so I think. Albert story. Speaks to that. A sense of isolation and even with all this communication that response to the so well connected I think my my bones tell me that -- There's people who do not feel that connected or empowered and. I think that you're on to something wrong with that. And also the last thing you're here -- your sister Jessie doing she's warming. She and my -- just spoken -- release of this phone and -- have become incredibly -- eloquent applicants for. Mental illness so I'm very -- the end rightfully so out of such is such a powerful campaign and got a lot of people that are continuing. Talk about that in just a really enjoyed it to have you here with her that she's continue to do -- -- remains willing and so it. Extreme -- excited as we -- this is your sixth Academy Award nomination. I'm very proud of yeah I'm very excited. -- -- I -- great company this year and -- I you know I -- -- there's this very very strong stable practices. In -- moment and I thinks this particularly. Those of the silberner around awhile yes but the young ones coming up very exciting and so it to be part of that. Kind of multi generational. Group of women I'm very proud to be you are more than just a part of it. Levy and damages to outfit -- -- that's going great guns to get a stick with acrobat yes -- in our fifth season now without shooting out of Brooklyn. It's going to be our last season. But we've had a great ride and are having a wonderful -- well it shows and that this continued success and blessings and. Everything congratulations with the nomination this is very important because she co wrote it you -- -- -- -- In this passion project and and more people can -- it. I have -- -- view and Albert -- in theaters right now in case he can't count -- highly suggest you go out I think it.

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{"id":15505629,"title":"Glenn Close Dishes on Best Actress Oscar Nod","duration":"5:27","description":"\"Albert Nobbs\" star discusses playing a lonely woman in 19th century Ireland.","url":"/GMA/video/glenn-close-dishes-best-actress-oscar-nod-15505629","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}