Gloria Allred Calls Injured Biker an 'Innocent Victim'

Attorney says Edwin Mieses was trying to "diffuse the situation" involving an SUV.
8:19 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Gloria Allred Calls Injured Biker an 'Innocent Victim'
I'm here today to explain the true facts as to what happened to -- -- cases last Sunday. And limit the -- Junior also known as GA. Is an innocent victim who was trying to help the driver of the SUV. When he was run over. -- -- -- is 32 years old he is an accomplished and an aspiring. Musician. He is a devoted father who takes care of his two children. Ages fifteen and not. He has been living with the mother of his children for more than sixteen years they -- family and -- look after one another. She has been at his -- at the hospital ever since the tragic events last Sunday. -- GA is not a member of any -- he loves to ride motorbikes and he came to New York City with his best friend to participate in Iraq. Nothing more. He did not know any of the other participants except for the friend that came with him. Most importantly. Edwin is a human being and he has a heart. He had no malice or ill intentions towards mr. green or his family whatsoever. When he started drivers range rovers stopped on the road. He pulled his bike over to decide and he walked over to where the accident had occurred to see what had happened and -- tried to encourage people to move on. And keep writing. He was attempting to defuse the situation. He told everyone to move on -- go back to writing and turned his back to the US UV to start walking back to is owned by. It was then with his -- TV SUV. And as he was in front of it that he was run over and -- the SUV. Ran right over him. Other bikers. One of whom we have been told was a firefighter and another -- MTV. Rendered aid and encouraged him to focus on his children and the people that -- -- until the ambulance arrived. -- thought that he would die. I am not here to justify the beating of mr. -- which followed. I deplore violence. And nothing I say is intended to condone the -- the driver. Edwin FDA says and his family deplore. What happened. To the driver of the US UV I -- there is no place for such violence in our society. Here -- However. Let us not lose sight of the fact that mr. BA says had done nothing to mystery. He wished them no harm he was walking away from the SUV. When he was run over. Are people so blinded by their fears and prejudices in this case that they cannot see that before anyone laid a hand. -- again that Edward Yates says was run over and -- severely injured. Where is the justice in the death. Mr. Yates is now -- in a hospital with a broken spine in two places. Multiple fractured ribs a punctured lung a -- aortic valve and the doctors and indicated. That they do not know whether or not he will ever walk again. This -- -- life and the lives of his partner children parents and everyone else who knows and loves him. We're forever changed the last Sunday. It is a miracle but he survived. He faces a very. Uncertain future. This video shows that the SUV was standing still. Edwin -- -- Jerry. Was in front of that SUV. With his back turned. Not engaging in any behavior that was threatening or inappropriate. He was off of his -- His sole intention. Was to defuse the situation. Then -- -- mr. Diana's SUV were -- at top speed. Watch that video. Watch it again. And again as I have to watch that huge vehicle. Excuse me. -- and watch it as it is lifted several feet off the ground. As it rules. Over Edwin VA's. Ed -- did not do anything that justified mr. -- decision to drive his Range Rover over him. Whether one likes people who ride motorcycles. Is not the issue. The question is whether people can see past their prejudices and biases and see that Edwin -- aces is first and foremost. A human being. Who was not doing anything wrong when he was run over. As though he was just a rag doll. -- irony in this case. Is that Edwin -- -- with trying to help calm people down. And to help mr. Meehan and his family. For his efforts he wound up in a hospital bed with massive. Injuries. His -- we'll never be the same. And to top it off. He has been pilloried in the press and in the public guy. As -- he deserved. To be run over on the street. It's time for the public to look past its prejudices and biases. And C Edwin for who -- -- and understand. That there was more than one victim. This. Past Sunday you can imagine how difficult it was for us to land about what happened to when. -- and that he -- and then he may never work again. That is also thinking. Yet refused SK. What we have -- for the have been made even worse by the receptionist some people. Apparently have about the people. Who participated in the Melissa. -- and they are not gang members. They are not. They are -- right. -- -- military reservist musicians. They are fathers and Brothers and sons. And sisters and -- Ordinary people like you wouldn't we share common enthusiasm from other things. It -- -- any of the people he was -- with before spending. Better than the one friend he came to Europe where. The outpouring of support to -- strangers. Have given -- in the last few days have been amazing. And will forever be grateful for the help. -- is as devoted family man has become. He had been told wonderful loving -- truthful and seventeen. Years. He is an adoring. And caring father to -- two children. Until he was run over by the US UV. He has been there for two children. Every single -- later. And then picks -- children from school every day -- fantasy. Every day. He takes them for their activities he helped -- with their -- he go to their parents to -- their school. He's the best father -- He would get the shirt off of the fact that Cheney. We don't have much money -- that -- the kind of man will be -- homeless person -- Consultancy. I love -- homeland. It there's nothing anyone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20477022,"title":"Gloria Allred Calls Injured Biker an 'Innocent Victim'","duration":"8:19","description":"Attorney says Edwin Mieses was trying to \"diffuse the situation\" involving an SUV.","url":"/GMA/video/gloria-allred-calls-injured-biker-innocent-victim-20477022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}