Get Glowing Movie Star Skin From Drug Store Products

Top secrets of the stars revealed to you by expert dermatologists.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Get Glowing Movie Star Skin From Drug Store Products
We're on the same team. Thanks, kernel Kermit. Bargain beauty secrets, this morning, how you can get glowing movie star skin from products you'll find in your drugstores. ABC's Abbie Boudreau got the secrets of the stars from some top dermatologists. ♪ Reporter: Jennifer's silky smooth skin or Gwyneth's gorgeous glow. Some celebs will spend whatever it takes to keep their skin red car penitentiary radiant so "Gma" challenged three of Beverly hills top dermatologists to create a list of affordable drugstore products that will give you that a-list look for a whole lot less. Here we go. Armed with our list, trend guru Jane Buckingham and I hit walgreen's in Hollywood. These days you can get really fantastic skin just from going to the drugstore. Reporter: Dr. Susan Evans recommends over-the-counter products like Burt's bees sensitive eye cream for 17.99 en0 Olay 4-in-1 daily facial cloths and mineral water spray that will cost you $9.99. It gives you a spritz. Reporter: Dra Harold lancers says they make brands that work like 360 exfoliating scrub that comes with a scrublet for only $5.99. I think it's cute myself. It's worth trying but probably not repeated use. Reporter: Back at the store, an eye roller? We find Dr. Ava's top picks, this $7 Burt's bees tinted lip ball many and bore pore strips, $6.9. Do they really work? They really work. They suck the oil right out of the pores. Lovely. Also on her list number 7 hydrating mask that cost us $6.99. It has two antioxidant, vitamin E and C. Reporter: Stripping away all the gels and creams and sprays, Dr. Lance R reveals his simplest solution. If you cleanse with warm water, rinse with cool water and then apply a simple grapeseed oil, it's a phenomenal antioxidant. That's the secret to the stars. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Los Angeles.

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{"id":22263516,"title":"Get Glowing Movie Star Skin From Drug Store Products","duration":"3:00","description":"Top secrets of the stars revealed to you by expert dermatologists.","url":"/GMA/video/glowing-movie-star-skin-drug-store-products-22263516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}