'GMA' 5-Alarm Firefighter Challenge Winner Takes Home $10K

The firefighters of McAllen, Texas, and Tacoma, Washington, face-off in a trivia challenge.
3:44 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' 5-Alarm Firefighter Challenge Winner Takes Home $10K
? looking for some hot stuff this evening ? Love the music. It is our 5-alarm firefighter challenge. Our final teams, hungry for that $10,000 grand prize that will go to their fire department courtesy of Disney's "Planes: Fire & rescue," that film hitting theaters on Friday, Amy. We're down to two final teams after Tuesday's obstacle course. McAllen, Texas, up against Tacoma, Washington, and this is going to be our sizzle or sink trivia showdown. Each has a designated member at the dunk tank in case that team loses. And when the team is ahead they'll take home the prize. The team with the lower score will be subjected to the dunk? Wait till we've read the question and give you the choices. Are you ready. Ready. Okay. Cue it up. First one, which celebrity is a former New York City firefighter. John Stamos, Steve Buscemi, Mick jagger. Steve buscebuscemi. Correct. "B." Here we go. Tacoma, whose the voice behind the hit single "Girl on fire." Alicia keys, Janet Jackson or Celine Dion. Alicia keys. Correct. Tacoma, taking the lead. True or false. The majority of firefighters in the U.S. Are volunteers? McAllen, Texas. Volunteers. True, that is correct. Where are we. We didn't start the fire, are lyrics from a the song by an artist, Stevie wonder, Billy Joel or -- Billy Joel. Correct. Then we have which American city suffered a massive fire in October 1871 that burned for two days was it Baltimore, Cincinnati or Chicago? Tacoma. Chicago. All right, going up in the lead. Next question. Which musician has a son who recently became a New Jersey firefighter. A, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, or Garth brooks? Bruce Springsteen. Again, correct. True or false. All fire trucks must be red? False. Correct. It is false. This is getting heated. All right. Here we go. According to the American red cross most house fires start in which room, a, laundry, B, kitchen, C, bedroom. Kitchen. Kitchen. What is that alarm? Now we have a tie. Which historical figure is credited with starting one of the first volunteer fire departments in the U.S. Was it Benjamin franklin -- Benjamin franklin. That is correct. Oh, however, this is a real conundrum. You are not supposed to buzz in before but we did give it to you. They did it too. I believe control room, can you weigh in? McAllen is the winner. Oh, yes. Yes. 5-alarm firefighter challenge. That means, unfortunately, Tacoma, Washington, goes in the dunk tank. Bye. Oh, here we go. Uh-oh. You guys were great sports. We thank you so much. Congratulations. Excellent job. Give me a high-five. Incredible dancing. Incredible -- Be right back. And big prize coming up. Great job, everybody. You guys did a great job.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The firefighters of McAllen, Texas, and Tacoma, Washington, face-off in a trivia challenge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24580640","title":"'GMA' 5-Alarm Firefighter Challenge Winner Takes Home $10K ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-alarm-firefighter-challenge-winner-takes-home-10k-24580640"}