'GMA' Anchors Share Coffee-Table Books

Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe are the focus of latest crop of coffee-table books.
7:30 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors Share Coffee-Table Books
There it is counting down -- Christmas time five days left in this World Cup favorite. Since every bit as your first for Josh -- right that there except for -- -- table books that's right we got some great ones this -- take a look at these on the front table right here you've got some. Iconic entertainers women indicators Marilyn Monroe Judy Garland. Oprah and Lady Gaga all have huge. Huge coffee table books a beautiful pictures this year and then also look back at The Beatles from Linda McCartney of course she was married. To Paul McCartney and the widow of George Harrison also has -- look at as -- so those are all great you can get them. This week but we are favorites now as well and on the start out. For my girls Taylor Swift -- it. -- big and this is -- yet this is a beautiful book it's by Andrew Von. He's based in Nashville and he's also done -- -- -- twenty and the Eagles it's got all kinds of photos. And you know she's only 22 -- a -- An entire continent processing provisional of this girls ran and mortars from my other grosses -- Alley. Because she's comedian and our family but I Love Lucy terrific book about I Love Lucy right here looking back from Elizabeth Edwards she's done books on our -- -- since. -- -- -- Part is celebrated here lesson -- -- that was my first week home. You know exactly and number two years ago that's. That's why -- -- is that. Don't live -- didn't happen. I've -- -- big although the kid had one. I have -- musical cues for clues remind -- of my first visit clip of the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is kinda had never -- -- -- I don't really want to get some might not. This is -- covers over the years do you know that -- started at 18920. Vote and this is some of the early covers that they had in the nineteen hundreds and then they started. Going and it just about and a personal with like 25 cents that's twiggy. And then all the way up to Angelina Jolie so this is a beautiful beautiful pictures I didn't realize that -- back. 1892. Will you were so good with the first musical -- let me get another one. -- It's either on Alicia Keys or about New York. About a -- and that's -- I -- you know I'm a proud Mississippi. But there's something about when you fly into New York City and you see. That skyline that is absolutely beautiful and these it's just some spectacular spectacular shots. Throughout the city and what I love about New York to is that it's big it's an -- find those little corner spot that are just for you would -- little -- -- yeah. These are great I love at 1111 elevenths that the -- the pocketbook. I don't know I had big when it starts us off. As well we don't. What they didn't have pictures to snap centuries ago but it is the history of Rome and -- it's probably my favorite city in all the world eternal city -- Some orange and you -- I was there this summer traffic back there as -- -- and that coupled shut the pictures opinion shall see that is a fool viewers and -- -- and -- -- of course the legend that go to the accountant and we'll find out. And I really -- just make sure you get that cost the points that you half to get back and that is nice reenactment here. Caught up. This model. You know and I know Larry -- talking about it. But for me any better was the rock star my rock star he was told he was but let's not -- -- obvious that this is a retrospective twenty years of Pearl Jam. Really up there with the U -- as just not just iconic -- -- political activists and it's wonderful Cameron -- actually making a documentary about them as well. And so you pick this up it's that twenty years and if nothing else they along with Nirvana saved us from. Hair metal bands -- I think you really good. Pictures -- and -- have. Rock and roll and you say I am. -- -- -- fascination with stained glass in hand blown glass ever since I can remember as a kid and this guy took an art form an elevated it to -- what he's just crazy beautiful. Deal generally is his name and from as long as I can remember seeing these incredible art sculptures out of glass just fascinated me and I will travel. The world to see his -- -- you don't have to because -- in this book the Atlanta botanical garden shows a lot of the sculptures that he does in nature as well with all this incredible -- a great story on this guy he was lost an -- in a car accident in 1976. And so he has an eye patch and he also had another accident. Where were injured shoulders we as a lot of people help him to create his vision now under the didn't stop them now now I mean yeah thing NN and it's just incredible work -- the other one. I merely picked this because this -- -- Awesome book on that violent things that go on on earth and the pictures. And Paris mayor curt yeah. Carbon for the kids. There's a shot in here that's so incredible it's this burst of magma wait for -- -- mountain hideout. That's what she's not tell you can -- an artist again. Sorry you can't bring him it's a beautiful idea and what's it -- -- it for me this is an incredible book it shows. Hurricanes and and disasters and all these things it but some incredible pictures powerful your life and. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm so I am -- lifelong passion for anti king and and hunting and down my favorite interior designer I'm Martin Lawrence Allard has the book out fifty dollars I think this is a great get not only because its operational but it's -- really inspirational. -- we have a picture I think my daughter night. We marketing that's not at that I'm actually might -- don't hit the first shot was that it was Ozzie -- Bagram with some shocking to see his highly -- It's not. There's -- -- Napoli marketing. And and this book has just terrific ideas -- can. Show you mean it just makes you want and Nestle up with no violent birth book at a Hollywood comedy and -- And I just curl up by the fire but I really terrific it's the forward is by. Sir Elton John and Martin Lawrence -- is one of the million dollar decorators but again if you look through. So many ideas that every single one of us can take from it I imagine if your eyes -- true passion and you guys have all witnessed if you don't know where Larry is he's -- Add up those -- -- -- I now I -- make fun of me but you know up but then they call me when the -- And then the thinking of -- able to the book for a that I love this is also really operational and inspirational Harper's bazaar 150 this year. Look at that iconic shot of Sarah doesn't partner well -- Naomi Campbell. And just on and on the -- in this book. Are amazing and the thing that Glenda Bailey the editor in chief has tried to do with his book and with the magazine is to make it I'm not too hot -- -- holier than now so to speak. Incredible features really good writing. I love this and the gap I think books are great this I -- I was not going to be part of your son doesn't violent harassment case. -- -- -- -- Available -- -- -- right and Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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