'GMA' Coat Drive: Josh Elliott Visits 'The View'

Josh Elliott hits the streets collecting coats for Warm Coats and Warm Hearts.
3:46 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Coat Drive: Josh Elliott Visits 'The View'
Our warm coats and warm -- -- drive is picking up steam as we work towards our ambitious goal we want a grand total. To be doing this -- a fifth year over a million coats and were closing in things to you were doing everything within. Our power to hit that target against the gets -- warmth and includes going out there and collecting coats ourselves and Josh. Was doing that I know that Jack is giving -- -- Maria yes he's got -- comfortable didn't he deficit just -- you hit the streets. I did indeed and that we had a really good time doing it produce an adoption and myself as we. Look to move closer to that goal we work through this city up wind down we also got a lot of help actually -- close to home. But within -- ABC family. It's week four -- warm coats warm hearts drive. And we're narrowing in on that one million -- Our latest tally. Over eight. 150000. -- this week -- mapped out the places where I thought we'd get some more donations of the first stop factually right here at our studios -- movie star Taylor -- tiny to a million coats I know we got big movie John Carter coming out on behalf. Half of all the man. Thank you for Friday night -- absolutely vital. One -- next well I decided to stay with an ABC family. We're backstage at the view I want to see if the ladies have any coats did you. Josh Elliott -- -- to go right there -- -- nacho got. -- yeah. Thank you Barbara I -- I'm not only family they've got. Let's see what I can get from the other fab five host of ABC. We can't afford to leave any stone unturned. One that was one million codes we thought we come join our friends here at -- -- Within -- -- please keep giving. Yeah. Last stop on the block one life to live. They wanted to give one final very generous donation. Once again they're donating coats I can't carry all 350 -- but I'm perhaps. So let's say. Two. And Melissa. Content I just think we're really grateful that that -- -- the show we can do something right. And set the tone for whatever -- next next -- -- downtown I heard Dancing With The Stars Derek -- hats and coats to spend. I can't come here that yard are you. All right we're trying to get to a million coach and I hope you have more than one. -- -- Really appreciate -- and about -- -- -- -- here that's very -- -- the years you know you can barely a -- on on the shows you probably don't have much these. Yeah yeah Jack thanks so much -- president -- -- -- who hide. -- complete but somehow the -- just keep rolling -- at the new victory theater right here in New York. Cirque Shanghai -- body she gave a special donation of thirteen coats. -- this singular acrobatic performance just for our drive. They got a special message from the director of the high school. Musicals OK Josh Kenny Ortega -- -- the Broadway kids here coat drive. Just want to say congratulations to you and your entire team. For moving toward the one million mark we're doing a great job here -- -- -- buildup one -- we have over a hundred coach. All right that's a success I've managed to collect hundreds of -- this week but the mission for that one million -- continue.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Josh Elliott hits the streets collecting coats for Warm Coats and Warm Hearts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15112398","title":"'GMA' Coat Drive: Josh Elliott Visits 'The View'","url":"/GMA/video/gma-coat-drive-josh-elliott-visits-view-15112398"}