'GMA' Coat Drive Rolls On Through Holidays

"GMA" fans continue to donate massive amounts of coats for annual coat drive.
0:57 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for 'GMA' Coat Drive Rolls On Through Holidays
RG MA family of viewers. It is incredible the -- keep rolling in our GMA warm coats and warm hearts drive and we get closer and closer to the end point. You guys have been making a huge effort to get coats to us so let's show. The grant -- -- -- -- And the number -- I have to. I think we're at 886720. Coat got there we have gotten. Our goal is still right up there at that million and I -- there have been just an incredible group of people. To make donations Lara Icahn led to a week of it Josh let it weaken it and this week we hit. The GMA studios to see if we can get everybody who walked in to get some cuts take -- -- Six weeks and so far we have to bring our total over 885000. -- we've seen everything is possible in the world of collecting coats. From -- cleaning out her closet like antiques roadshow police timing -- to Josh visiting the host of CDC shows. The Cameron mathison hitting the theater district. It's been a lot of fun and this week I wanted to grab some -- -- -- -- -- right here and at Times -- student. The first one in line none other than country rock star Billy Ray -- you and I are both from Kentucky we've seen a lot of folks who can use this. Hotels can get kind of blew out -- he got an extra coat or you can pick up some code to help keep kids and families warm it's a great thing to do for the -- And country music just kept on giving Lady Antebellum gives us -- And a performance as we talk about getting our million coats for the co driver would you give me just a few bars absolutely have made us come. -- again. This rural peace. -- men -- and New Zealand news is fast and it's so well. -- -- -- Did -- ever -- stops by -- -- even the hottest new build cars like Jeremy Irvine Russell crystal about United's. Freezing in London that deserving of that here. -- -- -- -- And we all know these guys LM FAO. Let's see -- the party rockers have in store. Necessarily know you guys throwing a lot of close yeah so it is definitely call you give us a coat. If everybody is here wants to feel good then you give to someone in need museum. And saying there. -- -- And look at that the -- talks -- his sweeter side a surprise donation from buddy the -- -- hey guys trying to get to a million records this year. Here's more from Rick and just when I thought I was done that we hit everyone had been into the studio this week I got a last minute donations from the coast of the worst books in America. I -- -- and Ralph for big outbreak I've been watching your coat drive I'm really excited I wanted to get awfully. You know -- -- closet and got my opponent might -- our friends and we have an -- what to -- for your. I think -- -- can take many more coach this week but we do. Need more coast to help us reach our one million -- so please compel. We're not done yet because we've got a great group whose given -- Politico today. To get 500 coats closer now this is by the way this is -- -- she's director of the youth ministries of the saint Benedict church and homecoming -- thank you. Soon -- very loving mother brutally gang 500 -- united decode HUS long LS rather proud. -- -- -- -- They have got a good look at what is needed to -- begins at this time here. We need -- -- because a lot of people things I don't have. This time here is expected obviously. The idea that any -- that people. Right on it yeah. Right I -- because we did have a lot of snowstorms this year we don't know what winter's going to be like in some folks aren't as lucky as the rest of us have notes of thank you so much my -- at home. Want to give us more -- because we'll take -- Here's how you do -- you go to any Burlington Coat Factory he dropped coats in the box it looks just like. A little bit like what we've got here but it have a big sign on and that Cisco drive and take a Twitter picture. And show us because we've you're sending us your Twitter pictures -- you donating coats I gotta do listen and tell us. And we'll put them on the air there's one or two. Are comprised trouble just getting in right here right now getting involved that is true. We'll be right back. Thanks guys thank you Jane -- And.

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{"id":15220594,"title":"'GMA' Coat Drive Rolls On Through Holidays","duration":"0:57","description":"\"GMA\" fans continue to donate massive amounts of coats for annual coat drive.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-coat-drive-rolls-holidays-15220594","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}