'GMA' Deals and Steals: Beauty Edition

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on products perfect for a spring makeover.
5:52 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Beauty Edition
Yeah. How can still just. Jim may be -- you to know. Yes indeed if you want to feel pretty today deals and steals. Is for you because -- -- found some incredible deals for a spring a make over so let's get right to it started less. Starting its sheer beauty did in the device that Kim Kardashian says in the current issue of -- -- magazine that it is not her must have list. It is the first only FDA cleared it -- -- Four at laser hair removal at home -- behind Kim says that she isn't it between visited and done. It's three in the littlest to treat it didn't start seeing results and -- little as six months you could be. Hair Green permanently in areas that I had -- expensive to do it is very expensive and -- you get this whole kit the device and products. We got a really great deal it is regularly. 498. Dollars so it is not inexpensive. But we're not -- it down -- 51%. Opening just 245. Dollars and one of the greatest things about all of the products today. Is that every single -- you'll get free shipping -- me. The thing I don't think -- extra percent -- your 50% after they get you every ten -- and of course you do go to our website to get to again make sure you do that -- lie is lastly don't get upset -- -- cards got its second help second half. Light Stanton -- also is another FDA -- device and what is amazing about this it is -- LED light therapy side exactly it's that we just on the other -- -- he could be reflection in my younger heartily and still isn't -- and this is for reducing and eliminating. Fine lines and wrinkles and what's great is my people admit that they it's not and we just turned it on to its not warmed up yet we -- use an -- -- -- like today. They keep in London mining towns or rabbi that some -- -- watching television you hold it in place for two to three minutes -- -- desired area and making it his belief. Warm soothing feeling. The list -- Get addicted to using it and it may do so I don't exert yes I'm -- busy life. That is -- although on a bigger scale in dermatologist -- -- available for the very first time for home users -- it's really great deal on this as well regularly 249 dollars. We're slashing -- -- happen. Once before and again free shipping satellite tags and yeah site for that to have those smiles so every went inches and see the guys around studio today behind this line on the mile -- -- -- -- Clinically -- minutes to lighten up to seven shades after just one -- and one used. Is under 45 minutes you get two different gels that are in here let's get this lights. Not at odds -- -- -- -- -- better watch to see this light to what's great about this light when you look at your mouth this little mouthpiece is machine -- dishwasher safe started a machine if you wanna share CN cannot see any -- Sam stands -- getting back better make an even more gorgeous though he knows he doesn't make you more barges up close smiled make dealer in Cleveland coming to demonstrate that it's not having any wrinkles right now please don't spend six. The eight dollars and do it didn't happen 130 -- out and you get three treatments that this thing. Gross. This gel or anything it has to -- about growth without even remotely yeah. They're down with the goes out does not update Ara. Parents face so 1000. Bottles of this -- -- on this net twilight breaking -- to create an -- into vampires but you -- the vampire -- these -- gave -- a super flawless finish this is found they say it again when -- averaged -- -- air space station that silence. She not only -- but also. Ron their hair brush Enron's they're really -- -- -- I really didn't let you know once exactly he isn't what the prone views that you'll look like a superstar advocate that -- home look yourself regularly forty to 55 dollars a bottle. And when he did 2750 and again free shipping rates soaring -- do -- It's an amazing brand of cosmetic they have featured over 100 items on their entire website what it is signature products one of the most popular is -- that come. This is really the first product that kind of I'm not have gotten -- -- a hold on let my prayers and a variety of the field got them all -- an incredible. Prices are already -- -- regularly sixty -- marketing dollars that working and the yeah. Yeah -- -- -- Have to work adding do happen. Eight to 25 dollars free shipping on their way -- and her entire web site at all when they want I don't -- the -- Barbara hair dryer I totally and didn't -- this after this humidity -- -- look -- your drying time by as much as. -- -- you like -- it right on the big. The wheel drives me mad on the most England I know -- -- based in London Wednesday them. Barbara and -- -- is normally a 150 to 160 dollars that -- huge selection. Get -- is not 50% hot hot touring. -- dollars. And okay. Look nice all of my -- look at camp. Is free shipping you can be just like Sam Champion -- -- even boards it is spam that David Gordon is standing cameras -- -- -- -- a new Tory my new to our website obviously brought -- mail story Jonathan thank you so much. -- I'm getting here. I don't have done little -- and Boston wrinkles and -- -- and -- And how -- how does that feel very nice is it that you go to your lips feel what we're already hearing. Xena looked like Angelina Jolie and moments when -- let's get a bargain -- --

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{"id":15977674,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Beauty Edition","duration":"5:52","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on products perfect for a spring makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-beauty-edition-15977674","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}