'GMA' Deals and Steals: Free Shipping Day

Tory Johnson reveals what companies offer free shipping for holiday purchases.
4:57 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Free Shipping Day
-- -- procrastinators this they have pulled up my hand will be happy. It's -- free shipping day for more than twenty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Tory Johnson and real time -- are they an amazing. The army siding and she is cut it up a storm here and it's so cool because -- Barnes & -- on their website sold so much more than just -- -- so first up is there uptown kitchen. And is a cooking for the last half hour she's get this really the big seal of approval here and momma gonna get this deal of the they won't holiday without hot winning here the right OK listen -- events this practice regularly. At. A 195. Dollar bouquet huge slap back for -- viewers only to -- Ninety pass and not -- -- -- Free shipping you got to assemble it but free shipping and you can only get this -- -- going to Good Morning America dot com and clicking on our -- -- I mean -- happy and eleven yeah upper is how -- also from Barnes & -- we've got westside story quintessential American musical but it is a special edition good -- Anniversary edition that doesn't -- with the movie becomes a hardcover book with rare photos from all sorts of extra bonus but -- that you can only get in this addition. Happens to give personal favorite for me because I'm Natalie wood's daughter Natasha was my college roommate and very dear friend. So I'm really big fan of his client and you're gonna love this is what the deal at this -- -- make nearly seventy dollars for this that lasted and how. 35 -- including free shipping. -- -- DDB so we know did you like Thailand style high fashion high performance that he needs headphones one of the -- -- gifts this season. -- company cute little lead paint in white and -- you can take your -- Make it literally a 180 dollars slashed. Eighty dollars that's and appreciate the garden of good bargains are impressed by your focus because what's going on -- -- yeah I doubt it throughout -- -- I'm in yeah. I. Think that it's going to upgrade to this problem won't get off another and I did is all in one oven does five different things convection -- -- bacon toast but. It can all 812 signs keep a really nice size you know that Scott Wolf big name on it. It's going to be great and wait to hear -- unbelievable price rate nearly 240 dollars. -- that's covered constant. Seventy bucks and appreciate it and got a lot of math and sell land then -- These are their warmest part guys ever our -- has an outside no right now the ringing -- to you and if you didn't. How could cut back -- -- isn't tested at thirty below what they come -- men and women in the women's multiple colors in its heat regular and -- for men regular and -- wait until you hear these prices regularly a 105230. Dollars slashed for Jimmy viewers only. Starting at the moon the Green dollars but you really can't be right back -- -- They pressed by that -- that's OK so eat cats are friends that each bag luggage has been a huge favorite so not only can choose from these four different -- it's my favorite at this place banner reading no different than one of the other items. Is this -- a quick CL and -- just put aside your luggage and I don't see how much luggage please. So you don't have those embarrassing scenes and you get to the airport counter that tune your luggage praised might have to pay extra yeah -- say yes you got Nelson Lewis it's really cool very cool and isn't even cooler. So this particular deal bass -- Yeah they cannot -- regularly to get the prices just left by the these things start from -- -- 55 dollars can't be busy bags do you know why but not least -- high eight innings of a secret online for gorgeous sparkling -- I think my favorite -- because this -- really go for anybody on your list all ages. These beats us pearl necklace pearl necklace ten to eleven meter millimeter. Freshwater pearls -- you get. This anti missile these -- this set may dealer -- 95 dollars 38. Dollars. Can't beat that yes and no way is right yes -- coming to -- stupid black -- and you know. Not black I'm video that all of this stuff Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! incredible -- Clinton got somebody -- here's my bonus hit this doozy. How pretty is that it's gorgeous breezy Good Morning America back -- -- now you're gonna get all these deals and so much more I don't want to make you do something your pockets and not enough -- I -- -- yeah. -- well. Deals in steep --

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{"id":15169633,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Free Shipping Day","duration":"4:57","description":"Tory Johnson reveals what companies offer free shipping for holiday purchases.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-free-shipping-day-15169633","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}